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  • There's a thread for the game in the video game section if your curious. =D
    Not sure if you ever leave KH sections though.

    Also I gotta go now. Sorry. TnT nice talkin to you today though.
    There's not many Sora doesn't get along with though unless they're outright trying to hurt someone. xD

    Ever play banjoo kazooie as a child? It's getting a spiritual successor. TuT
    Sadly my internet can't to much in way of video. I have like one window a day where its' fast enough for youtube. u_u I doubt I could sit down and play XI anyway. It's hard for me to play a turnbased rpg for a long time. I was able to play and enjoy FFX though. =u=
    I'm not familiar with her so Sora meeting her wouldn't affect me to much. *imsorry* D=

    Check this out: TimeLineDetail by telmopieper on DeviantArt
    You couldn't have just followed them to XIV or talked to them with email till you could to go XIV? o_O
    Sounds like you just liked to play it well I guess.

    I dont know who Prishie is. D8
    I meant is it the only games you play. Not if you play more than one. xD
    That's a long time to stick to one game though. You need a medal or Guinness entry. D:

    It dying isn't surprising given the age. I can't believe it was still up.
    Is mmos all you play? My internet can't even get me more than an hour of online Journey.
    Could've just said bro. *_*

    Don't know what aggro is but Ya could've just told me Ya had to do something. xD
    I haven't played mmos and so any shorthand of that is just gonna confuse me. o3o

    Don't know lady justice but secret war sounds familiar.
    Rl aggro? What kind of comic is that?
    Kai is missing the final DBZ saga sadly. =[
    What is a Neko?
    I used to have the problem a lot. I just started getting glasses with nose pads made into the frame.

    You gave up on pokemon? It's easy. o_O unless you just got bored. Id isn't play anything new Pokemon wise till a year or two ago.
    Don't tell me I scared you off by asking something that was private when I didn't know it was? =__= *sighs* oh well.

    At least have something funny as a sign of sorry. When down everyone should laugh. =D

    PokePuns by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt
    Ask Airalin Q19 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt
    Do you watch or use to watch DBZ? =3

    Oh! I forgot to ask. What comic did you get?
    Uh "make you"? I can't make you do anything nor was I trying to. I dont know if you work or not so I was just going with that assumption. I didn't know it was something private either. =__=

    Trade ins are how I scrounge. The second they put 1.5 & 2.5 on PS4 I'll have a whole console to trade in. =D
    Aw not getting enough hours at work? =[

    I read them but usually prefer the anime unless the anime utterly butchers the manga. (like Tokyo Ghoul)
    haha You read comics? =]
    I just got over a virus so I feel pretty damn happy right now. xD
    th-that's true, especially yesterday I felt like crap. Today it's a little better, and tomorrow I'll be good, I hope. Esuna spells are very appreciated ; w ; thank you!!
    I sure hope you're feeling better than me! xD
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