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  • Wow that is an old game. x'D
    People rip and hack old games like that a lot. Some are really cool. ^_^
    now that my diploma artwork is finished and I feel so free na SPLASH kasaneTAH hikariii no KON-TO-RAssto abite, I will gladly study your character and give you the result, perhaps you'll make any use of the sketches/art somewhere o.o you know the right sizes so I'll just send them in their original size and you do the editing~ o3o
    I'm curious about your old sig, you made me curious ya know that xD
    YESSSS today I finished my diploma artwork, you know, the big mandatory final one because I finish art high school soon~ my artwork has the dimensions of 208 cm width and 100 cm height, I worked on 3 separate sheets and then glued them together into one big paper. You can see part 1 and part 2 and details here: Atestat - diploma artwork progress - LibertasChi's
    part 3 is the one I finished today and I didn't take photos of it or the huge thing as a whole yet x.x
    I've hidden plenty of KH references in this artwork to make me remember what I loved so much these years, after I get old and grumpy (hope I won't be grumpy thou xD ) I mean, the positions are all from screencaptures from the games (I wouldn't have drawn dynamic figures from imagination yet, I'd have created monsters with gigantic anatomy mistakes)
    it took me over 300 hours of work with 0.05 mm liners and it has a total of 144 characters... me x 144, more precisely ; w ;
    Hello again!! \o3o/
    Check it out, my friend got 100 followers: 100 watchers!?!? by Frostpeltwolf on DeviantArt the little reaction comic she made makes lol
    Also since you talk to darkgreyheroine as well you might like to k ow she has a tumblr. =D
    There's a thread for the game in the video game section if your curious. =D
    Not sure if you ever leave KH sections though.

    Also I gotta go now. Sorry. TnT nice talkin to you today though.
    There's not many Sora doesn't get along with though unless they're outright trying to hurt someone. xD

    Ever play banjoo kazooie as a child? It's getting a spiritual successor. TuT
    Sadly my internet can't to much in way of video. I have like one window a day where its' fast enough for youtube. u_u I doubt I could sit down and play XI anyway. It's hard for me to play a turnbased rpg for a long time. I was able to play and enjoy FFX though. =u=
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