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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Good news for once.

    'Neko took his car in to get the sunroof fixed; they did that in a day. (HE HATES SUNROOFS now and has a car cover). I ordered a Atlanta Braves hat with a huge discount, should be getting that in a week (So okay, I like baseball caps, and since I thinks I need a hat for Six Flags, I'll wear one if I'm not on rides). I'm also going to see if I can get some more posters once I can donate again; I'd <3 a pretty dreamcatcher but they're rarer now.

    Would like to find some unicorn and maybe a few more posters from my fandoms, tho being cautious there after so many years of "Ew, Sailor Moon? why do you like that!?" or "Ew, Anime? Yuck, I don't get why you like that.." and all. (There's a reason I keep most of my fandoms on the down low, lol.) It's about time I added some more stuff to my room after all.

    Sis does not really like games OR anime; she thinks all animation is badly drawn and is for kids, sadly. Um, to that I raise you Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which starts out cute and fluffy but is def NOT FOR KIDS. And she thinks games are a waste of time; well, I won't buy games with serious microtransactions but I think, as long as you're careful, good ones are worth some of your leisure time.

    Tho with the animation part; she does like some of the newer Disneys including The Incredibles 2, so can't be too mad, tho seriously, me and Her Highness do not get along well.
    Oh and I forgot to mention.

    The whole problememo with the pc/tv seems to be.. /PUNT WINDOWS 10 Seems a power setting that was on my vid card that Windows does was wrecking some havok, I turned that off and not one flicker after that. I also factory reset the tv so no more problem.

    See, one driver caused me a major headache about a year ago.(I was getting mysterious black screens for no reason) I had to DDU (Use a program called Display Driver Uninstaller that is; that's a last resort, and it does what it says on the tin) and get rid of it. It later happened AGAIN, reverting to the previous drivers (with DDU) fixed it. This time (the third time), I went back and back and back (almost a year back..) and still had the issue. Which made me think my poor TV(which is also my 'puter screen because of space issues), which was a gift from one of my FFXI/XIV friends (naming NO names) was dying, mainly because of a Nvidia service call.

    The Nvidia tech I called was not much help, tho he did have me turn down the refresh rate a tiiiiny bit. It took a youtube video for me to find the stinker setting. I'm installing the drivers now that caused me to go on that DDU spree. Let's hope everything is fine now. I'm going to be pleased as punch if that was all that was wrong!

    I'm still considering a rebuild but it's not /panic /panic now since well. I really don't have the money to do that right now, but I'm seriously considering it by year after next if I can scrape together the funds.
    Okay here we go.


    I think they sent this separate b/c it was a poster and they sent it in a poster mailer. I had a time getting it on the wall; my poster gum/stickit is pretty old.

    But hey, that's the first poster I have in here!
    More contest stuff today. I got the poster. I'll post it up soon as I can get it on my wall b/c it was rolled up in a poster mailer.

    Again, this is why you keep a eye on Twitch. ^^
    Oh man oh man oh man. The lottery stuff came!





    Postcards, some stickers (including Union symbol patches/stickers), a pin featuring Vanitas, lanyard, and bag. I'll find a use for that cute bag! As for the stickers; I'm hiding them, (My nieces LOVE to play with stickers. Um, I don't want those stuck!) and yes I got 2 Olympus stickers lol! Maybe that's telling me something?

    Anyway this is why you watch Twitch, something like this could come up. ^^
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    Twilight Lumiair
    Wow, nice merch! Congrats again on winning the raffle; hope you enjoy your new stuff! ^^
    I will and I'm planning on hunting up a id holder for the lanyard (if I can find a SINGLE one); that might come in handy for places where wallets might not be smart, even tho I use a fanny pack.

    But yeah, I'm keeping those stickers out of reach of the nieces; if I let them see'em I'd lose'em!
    I want to SHOOT Murphy (as in Murphy's Law).

    Seriously. Now it seems like my TV might be starting to die. >.<. And guess what I can't afford? Yep.

    If anything can go wrong, it will..
    Shadowneko's I-Know-Not-What-it-is package turned out to be a Snoopy snow cone maker. (NEAT!)

    Unlike what it says, we are prolly going to end up getting ice from the local Sonic (yess they sell it in bags) since that will prolly shred/crush better than ice cubes. He's been collecting some old toys lately; getting back his childhood, I guess? Like the old Little People schoolhouse; my nieces, esp Penny, think that's neato. He got some reproduction stickers to fix up the schoolhouse since he isn't going for new in box, he wants all the pieces but he doesn't mind it's been loved on and played with.

    Anyway there's a singles dance this weekend, so I'm proly going to have some fun then. :)
    Today was a "getting stuff from Amazon" day. I can take pics if people want to see, but nothing that interesting; a sleep mask (Because my sister who I call "Her Highness" (So okay, she's way too bossy) online is obnoxious at night), some earplugs (Her Highness again, playing loud stuff on the tv and praying really loudly) some fuzzy socks Sis wanted to make my nephew a sock panda, some Iklear which I use on all my touch screens and my TV/PC screen besides, and a I-know-not-what box for Shadowneko. (We have a rule; if it's not your mail, you don't open it unless it's for my (dead) mom. Yes, those darn junk mail guys sometimes send stuff for Mom, who's dead about 10+ years now.)

    I'll find out what Shadowneko got when he gets home. Oh and I got enough games to keep me busy, so no game this time. Maybe next time once I earn some more gift cards; speaking of which, got one from Microsoft Rewards yesterday. $5, but that's something at least!

    I don't think the raffle stuff'll be here for another week or two, really tho.
    OKAY! If you go check that thread about my knitting/crocheting exploits, I finished the water bottle holder.

    Penny wants one too; we're talking about finding a crochet butterfly pattern or I make a flower to tack on it so we don't have to check initials on who's bottle belongs to whom. ^^

    Have to inital that in some way tho; Six Flags is a public place. And I have to leave the bottle and holder in a set of cubbies when I go ride roller coasters. And if I got something cool, I don't trust strangers to leave it the eff alone. Hence why I need to make sure it screams, "THIS IS NOT YOURS!"
    Today has been a comedy of errors so far.

    Shadowneko went to get his car fixed (air conditioner on the fritz). Fine. I wanted to get some navy blue or dark cotton yarn (Um, light colors show the dirt something terrible) for that water bottle holder; Sis wanted some stuff from the cloth store too. We also wanted to go to the sporting goods store to get some stuff for Whitewater/Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags.

    You see, Neko has a second car that he hasn't driven in a while. Too long it seems, for it seems to have a dead battery >.<. So I'm stuck home for a while longer.

    I had found a crocheted pattern for a wayfinder, but it wasn't very good it seems >< I was hoping to put that on there, and I already GOT that yarn. Well, I brought out Cstitch; let's see if i can take THAT and what yarn I have and stitch it on when I FINALLY get the bloody yarn I wanted in the first place. (Leftovers, mostly from Evee's llama and Little Jon's Squirtle, along with gold and silver from Penny's alicorn)

    Let's hope to heck that Murphy gets the EFF off my butt. I'm getting very tired of Murphy's Law..

    [Edit] Well, not some bad without some good in the bargain. I decided to call the sporting goods stores in town to see if they had the waterproof walkie-talkies (Um, we don't want to risk our phones in the water at Whitewater/Hurricane Harbor but we still want to be able to contact each other if we get separated without having to go to the locker) and the water socks. The mom and pop (Gable's) didn't have them. Academy Sports has'em. The second place is also open later. Guess who's getting our business this time? Yep. Let's hope Neko's main car gets fixed in time for the cloth store, at least.

    [Edit again] Okay, Neko's car's finally fixed. I fully understand why he did it; that Suberu Outback is a BLACK. CAR. Black cars get really hot in the summer. Which considering it's hot and humid over here in the summer, that's murder. So yeah. I was a bit afraid it wouldn't be fixed in time though.
    Oh and I forgot to mention. I've been trying to lose weight recently b/c of a major scare by the doctor (NO, I don't want to be on a CPAP! Oxygen tanks are big and bulky and I don't want one around. Don't have room!) and major succeeding.

    Started a month or two before Thanksgiving, I'm now 78 lbs down (35.38 kg if you're EU) and OFF my high blood pressure meds! Guess what caused the high blood pressure? Oh yeah. Not any snoring, tho I am aware I still snore! That doctor has a major hobby, lol. I guess I showed them..

    Anyway got about 39 lbs (17.69 kg) left to go until I reach my goal weight. I'm still gonna be a little overweight but not so bad anymore; might go back to working on it once I can actually go to a gym and not have the outdoors be my gym. ^^
    Well, I guess this is the first profile message since the update. I thought I'd put up some news.

    Since I subscribed on the Square Enix Twitch channel, I usually know when they broadcast, and I always go for the KHUX broadcasts. This time there was a raffle. I won! Not the top prize by any means, but some swag. First KH swag I've ever gotten (since as I think most know, I keep my fandoms on teh down-low out of habit)

    It's a bag, a poster and some postcards. Might use that to decorate my room, nice. ^^
    A lot of people seem to be really fond of the Toy Box, which I can understand since it is probably one of the most unique worlds in the game, and one of the most vertical too. I think what fascinates me about that world most is how unique all the different rooms and floors of Galaxy toys feel. It has this casual, almost nistolgic aura to it that makes it feel like when you were a kid, and you'd run through a massive toy store with curiosity and excitement. I remember my imagination would always go crazy when I went to one.

    Yeah, the emblems do seem to be pretty subtly hidden, but they're a welcome edition for me, and give the world's another layer of value. Which world are you on now? Was there any part of the original story that you liked thus far?
    So I guess you could say it was... "eating up" your time? Lol, I'm glad you've been enjoying it!

    Are there any particularly noteworthy things that stood out to you so far?
    Hello there. Nice weather we're having huh?

    Ok but seriously, hey! How's life been for ya recently? I mean, I imagine things are pretty ok with KH3 finnally out and all. Lol, I still haven't gotten to play just yet, but I'm looking forward to finally experiencing it for myself. What about you?
    Hey! Sorry! I JUST got this! I'm doing great! Yeah life's okay! I can't believe the game's coming out TOMORROW! How about you? You super excited?
    Hey! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I went into this rather depressing slump over the course of winter break (I really lacked motivation to do much of anything), so I didn't feel like having my normal conversations with people. I responded to the main threads primarily to distract me from reality, so I ended up frequenting them quite a bit. I'm really sorry I left you hanging again. On the subject of your fic though, go ahead and finish it! I've read wonderful fanfics in the past (some with very rich lore and emotional character growth), and those who have long running fics always say how amazing and motivating it is too have a full narrative of thier own creation they can look back on! As someone who struggles with motivation on a day to day basis, I can say it's definitely a worthy reward that doesn't really have too many downsides. If your planning on going into some kind of storytelling, fanfics are an exellent way to test the ground works of your abilities and improve upon your flaws. It can also be a great catharsis for some who've gone through a lot of hardships in their lives, and can be a great way to share personal stories through the eyes of our favorite characters.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is, be proud of what you've created, and write it for you. Give yourself something you can truly be proud of, and let those who are interested get a glimpse of your own creative storytelling!
    Ah, I finally get it! I always find myself getting so impressed by how complex and meticulous things like this can be. So many people just don't appreciate the amount of depth seemingly simple things like crotcheting/knitting can have. For me, anything with layers and substance has always been fascinating, regardless of what it is. In fact, that very idea is a passion for me in and of itself (though I'm multipassionate in general). Which leads me to ask, is this a passion for you? Or is it more along the lines of hobby? If it's the former, how did you discover it? Are there any more activities your passionate about/ interested in? I'd love to here more! ^^

    No problem. :) Augh, keeping surprises is always a pain! Bummer, I've seen quite a few mishaps like what happened with your sister; I hope it didn't spoil your work too much though. :( Got any ideas on how you wanna design your little brothers mittens? Also, isn't there a comfy, private place you can work? If they live with you, I can understand how tricky it is having to dodge around their schedules.
    Oooh, ok. I was about to ask another series of questions, but I think I understand what you mean. It's sort of like making a new tool, or building blocks that can help build your project, but like any tool, you have to test it to make sure it works properly, otherwise, it may lead to unforseen issues down the line. And depending on how complicated that tool is to use, is a big factor in how long that peice will take to complete. Am I close?

    True, no world shown as of yet has really been out of left field. Well, I guess technically Monstropolis was sort of out of left feild, but it was spoiled *months* before it's reveal (which is when most people were shocked). Princess and the Frog, as a world, though very possible, I don't necessarily think is likely. Hmmm... if Tiana does appear, it might be in a similar fashion as the PoH from KH1, where they only appear under unnatural/endgame circumstances.

    P.S. Congratulations on finishing your Squirtle! ^^
    I'll miss you too <3 I'm glad I did those FF drawings for you back then, and that we had many nice chats here~
    Sure, we already have each other as contacts on psn. You can also find me on my main tumblr here, or on my deviantArt
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