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  • Yeah I also heard it's one of the darkest Zelda games. Is this due to the story involving the comet or is it literally a dark game? Or both?
    True, Twilight Princess had some stunning graphics, I was pretty much shocked about it when seeing them. Especially, like you said, the water was so goodlooking. And when you ran into it and came out, your clothes were actually wet. I was wow'ed

    Skyward Sword could be the almost definitive style they'll go with, not sure though, every Zelda game had a unique style so in a way I expect more styles to come, but I'm sure this style will return.

    Well, there was a rumour that they were going to remake Majora's Mask. However Nintendo recently said they're gonna make a whole new game for the 3DS.
    Yeah, I heard something about it that it was more of an action-adventure game, right?

    Haha same here, the thing's gaining dust. Was playing it last year though when I wanted to play OoT again but didn't have a 3DS yet.

    I don't like Cartoon Link either! It's just idk, I just don't like it. Many people like it though but I think the original style has waaay more charm. The Skyward Sword style I can deal with though, it's a fresh style and looks good.
    Ikr, I still didn't figure out how to go to the alternate road after the first world (the red/purple line I think). And I refuse to look it up online, I wanna find it out myself :D. Although I think it has to do something with the radars that're on the ground in the first level, I tried shooting them all but it didn't work...

    How was the gamecube one though? I heard it wasn't that good? ;o. I bought my gamecube together with Pok?mon Colloseum haha where did time go xd

    I also have Phantom Hourglass on the DS but I don't really enjoy the game that much ;o. I like the OoT/Twillight Princess style way more to be honest.
    I also have OoT for the N64 but was very young when playing it, never got to finish it (then I was stuck at the water temple).

    I also have Twillight Princess for the Gamecube. My dad has a wii at his place so I'm actually doubting whether or not to get Skyward Sword to play it there even though it's not really mine :p

    Well not sure where I'm stuck, quite some time since I played it.

    It was also one of my real first games, along with Starfox in the N64 (have the remake too on the 3DS :D)

    I played Majora's Mask a few times though but never owned the game myself.
    Haha yes indeed xd. They should remake Majora's Mask for the 3DS too imo, never got the game on my N64 so hoping for a remake now ;d. OoT was already a very nice remake, I'm stuck in the Dark Temple though -.-
    Ahhh, Same exact thing im dpoing :D ive gotten 7 Overspecs because of thaty now x_x have lie 2 lvl 20+ commands and one lvl 17 =P. My fav Boss batle so far is Trickmaster tho :D Its just simply the best :') I felt like a moving racecar with Sora so I was thrilled with the way they made it
    O.O woaaah, you can Get Ariel slam aswell?! yessss, some BBS moves finally T^T. Still stuck on the CLoud battle at Olympus tho =P. His Omnislash is just too strong @_@ Hence Hi-Potions are now a gamers Best friend ^^
    Ahh, so its not just as simple as completing it on Proud mode like in BBS? That and I'd like to know what you have in your Deck commands? I currently have thiunder sweep followed up by Fire strom the fire edge which looks good, but i want new commands and i cant think of which ones to mix. sicne they come up with ones ive used before
    Ahh, I see. I see. I wanted to test my skills by startign off with Critical Right away :D Believe me at some parts i am VERY tempted to just switch to Proud =_= But im holding my ground somehow ^^ Fighting Terranort 69 times on Proud during BBS really helped my Reaction times xDD (y). I'm currently in Olympus Colliseum on the 3rd platform of the Maze. The fighting style reminds me of FF though, Can I ask what the requirements are to Unlock the secret episode?
    Alright man! Well, since I'm having this much of spare time and don't have the energy to concentrate on school, I might as well concentrate a bit on the project :)

    Do your best for school man, best of luck! ^^
    Thanks! I'm feeling better though, just quickly tired and such. The only thing I hate now is that I have to stay home until november, I don't mind the spare time but staying home, ugh, that's torturing me :p

    Btw, I made a suggestion in the music and gameplay threads to make a list of rules for the project threads so everything runs smoothly in the future, since it's getting pretty serious and real now I thought it would be best to avoid chaos at all costs :)
    Yeah, I never had this disease before but I reaaally don't want it again, ever + there was a small chance that it was Tuberculosis, luckily the chance it's that is veeery small but it takes 6 weeks until they are sure that it isn't tb
    I had a pneumonia and a fierce one at that, the doctor said I should stay home until the 10th of november... knda sucks 'cause I'm missing a couple of weeks of school because of that but yeah, my health needs to be restored first :)
    Hey man, I've been in the hospital for a week and therefore probably missed a shitload on new stuff concerning the khi game project. Would you mind giving me kind of a summary on the things I've missed? thanks :)
    So long as your condition wasn't brought by the discussion...

    I've just read through a majority of what's been discussed, and management is only necessary when we've exceeded a number of least 20 dedicated developers. But it could be due to our lack of physical presence that this topic has been put forth...Though I have been keeping a record of what's developed thus far. I'm simply not available at all times to discuss it. (for legitimate reasons, I hope we understand.)

    It's a rigorous creative process, so we cannot feel obligated any more than humanly possible. If we do, we run the risk of becoming gradually disenchanted, and then eventually bored...

    Tanner's very passionate about his writing...But we'll all have come to a mutual consensus in time...

    I liked the summery very much, But I don't find it necessary to incorporate any involvement with the doors to other worlds in the festival (specifically Mulan bringing that dragon, and fire works in through the door.) It doesn't fall in place with the mythology of Kingdom Hearts, and it would leave too many questions about the balance of the worlds, places in time, and (too a certain extent) leave false promise... Though I could be mistaken, but I don't recall a stop to China on our tour of Disney memorabilia.

    Otherwise, I quite enjoy it! ^^
    I'm feeling much better now. But it is still somewhat difficult to hunch over my lap. And I can only sit at a desk for so long before getting tired. But I will still activity participate with the development team as much as I can. And I hope to post some of my new progress soon. But so long as the forum remains active, we will always have something fresh to discuss...So, what's been the hot topic in the development room lately? ^-^
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