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Recent content by marshallmathers

  1. M

    did everyone hear about Eminem??

    about his whole pneumonia and heart disease thing?? any pics of him at 212 lbs
  2. M

    I can't believe

    there isn't a thread about I love New York 2, penny for ya thoughts?
  3. M

    Fanfiction ► Middle School (Story)

    hmmm, it's alright, finish it dude, sounds good so far.
  4. M

    The Skeet o.o :/..

    For my first stunt.. l shall skeet all over Dark Prince and his whack...
  5. M

    Hokage, teh gawd...

    Hokage, is one with many talents, and achievements..When I first joined I couldn't see any glory or smart well thought out posts, till I saw a few of Hokage's threads. The threads he has created have really let me see the true side of things talked about in which l had never seen or bothered to...
  6. M

    Chain of Memories Trvia!

    I got no mufuccin idea d00ds...I barely got the game liek a month ago and I can't beat damn riku in Twilight town