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    RE: CoM, created to answer questions?

    Re: CoM, created to answer questions? Final Mix came AFTER KHII meaning that no one knew how Zexion's weapon was, the reason they crated the game.
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    RE: CoM, created to answer questions?

    Re: CoM, created to answer questions? Wow! Congrats! You have won the prize.... "I know that! That's why I created the thread!" Award! Its notisable that you didn't read the title: RE: CoM, created to answer questions? As in the game was only created to answer the questions I typed before. Sheesh.
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    RE: CoM, created to answer questions?

    RE: CoM, created to answer questions? My thoughts are that this game was created to answer two simple questions. These questions are: Did Marluxia really died? We know that in CoM Sora defeats Marluxia and he seals the door like that Marluxia is still alive so that he doesn't escape. The third...
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    Sephiroth, Knowing about the keyblade's existence?

    When you're about to battle Sephiroth, Donal tells him that weird sword is the keyblade. He then says: "So that's a keyblade," Implifying that he knew of the keyblade's existence, then he says: "I wonder if it'll change it's mind once I defeat you," Implifying that he knew how the keyblade...
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    Riku and MX, connected?

    Let's start at the very begining, KH1. Let's get where Xehanort's Heartless begins to trick Riku into power and he begins to posses his body. We all know that Xehanort Heartless had no specific form before possesing Riku, rigtht? My point? All im saying is that when Xehanort's Heartless began to...
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    Sorry if im ruining anything in the thread but, i need some help with the RPG. How do i even enter in the RPG games!
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    Help Message

    Sorry if I sound like a total n00b but, how do I delete a message? I go to the Edit/Delete button and all it does is take me to edit the message! I can't no delete option. So can someone please help me!
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    KH3 Theory: Reversed Sanctuary

    Everyone has heard of the hidden message in the KH2 theme song, Sactuary. So heres my theory that has a link with the future revelation on Xenahort and Riku: Reversed Sanctuary: I think that the song resembles a part of a revelation on Xenahort' past and Riku's doings while Sora was in slumber...
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    DS Vs PSP

    Which is better for you? The DS? Or the PSP? Ilike the DS! It has more resistance than the PSP! So whichs better for you?
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    I can see in the menubar a RPG menu, whats's that for?
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    Router help!

    I have a question, if theres a "wireless router", theres a "wire router" rigth? Can some1 answer this question, because I need to know so that I can play in "Wi-Fi".
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    riku vs the replica

    Riku would win because of his skills and surprises!
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    Playing KH CoM on the DS

    No is not that CoM is on the DS, is that you insert the game in the DS and start to play it. Now then for the thread, It's better playing it in the DS, the graphics are a little ligther.
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    CoM Question

    Yes is necessary, it's for you to understand why Sora was in a capsule.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I hate Axel, hes a stupid spy that was making Marluxia think he wanted to join he's rebel group.