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  • Well, does it show the background with the pict you want? Ok, when you press customize proflie, the first box that appears is the one where you should put the URL. I'll try to send you a pict of how it should work. In the meantime try and see if it shows the pict you want in preview.
    Ok, go to customize profile and enter the URL of the pict, then press "preview" to see what it'd look like and save it if you want it. You can also change text colors and other stuff.
    Wait till you hear about rep, post count, exp and other stuff. It all gets well explained in the FAQs. Also we have a thread called "ask a mod" where you can clear any doubt like how to post link and vids.
    Well, to get you started I gave you some rep, here is your first VM. If you have any questions just ask okay?
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