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  • Just post in the squad thread that you want in. There were formal requirements, but those were trashed because Wynn thought they were too "high" (like 3k wins was high). You're higher than Ricky, he's like level...four? He's our secret munny make, though. I'm sure you'll do fine, regardless of level.
    He's down south, not sure exactly where, as he refuses to tell me. >_>; It's sort of a game. I've been trying to figure his first name and the college he's in out for a long while now, with no luck. :\

    And no problem, I'm always willing to help out. :3
    Lol. K lives in AL, too. aaaand... Dark leads to Steely, a secret/optional boss... Ruby takes you to the Virtuoso, the chapter boss. :3 Both lead out from Gilded Halls, I think? Onyx has a heal spot if you need it. Oh, be on the lookout for a Dark Corridor NPC when heading down Ruby's way, because that'll be what takes you to where you can fight the Virtuoso.
    Uh, sure. And I know K. <.< Leader of VFD. He and I collab with a few other Inferno-goers on the KHInferno wikia. I was curious if you were his friend in real life, then remembered he's a total shut-in and probably hasn't communicated with people outside of his dorm. =.=;

    :O Be sure to level to level 14-15 before fighting Craon. Not to lessen his difficulty (he's eeeeasy), but the difficulty of the first enemies in the following area.
    Oh yeah, Halloween is over, I should change back to normal. xD The Templar Knights all dressed up as characters from One Piece for Halloween. :p And I figured you'd end up finding it before seeing the secret code, but I was hoping you might at least see it. I like helping out the newer players who actually seem to enjoy the game, as you do. Many people run around asking for help on everything, and I haven't seen you asking for much, rather figuring most out yourself. The Vast Desert is a bitch and a half... >__>; I mapped it out, that's the only reason I have secret codes. :O

    Also, friend of K irl? >.>
    Nope, just the chest and the cave of wonders. The chest isn't really worth it, though.
    It's fine, the server is only so fast which is why multiple messages are posted from time to time. Also I know D: I've been dying to get my hands on a Chikorita too. But at least you got the Regi's over. And that's good, otherwise it would take so much longer to hatch those eggs.
    Jesus that sounds like an assload of work. When I get my connection established you soooo have to hit me up on those starters. Best of luck with getting 30, but it shouldn't take too long at the rate you're going. You know how to increase the egg hatching rate right?
    I've been sick as well, been a bug floating around eh? But it feels like the common cold so it's all good, hope you and your family get better soon. And ah ok, I've been occupying my time with Platinum. Finally caught me a ditto :3
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