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    Oh!, yes yes I know who you are on khv now. I knew you as TF on khv.
    get msn.
    if you have it, add my ass.
    hey mailbu, i guess you really are the clan's secret weapon :D

    I was wondering if you could make me an avvy out of this stock--->Mike Carroll

    Thanks man and keep up the good tags
    I also just realized that you're a boy.

    I think that shit's funny..
    + A lot of my own tags were said by different people to have a more magazine esque' feel to them. All I do is combine things really.

    Here, this is a KHI veteran who's totally delivered. This is a style that you're touching. So, I think this might be inspiring to you:

    Google: Appendix Squared
    its a graphics' site. Find it, spend at least 10 minutes on there, and your world is going to be rocked sideways.

    You're either Sprinkles or someone with that similar username from KHV, I already know.

    But yea, what I was talking about was that your style's like..
    give it a few more months in cultivation, and its going to be a tag style here that tops most of the others.

    When I say that, I'm also talking about tag making veterans here from years ago.
    You have more of an advertising - like style.
    Then what I'm imagining that you *can* reach goes beyond a lot of expectations that I normally have about people.
    Your Panda's hidden weapon apparently.

    I adore it.
    ...I have this funny feeling about you.
    Thanks man, it means alot. I use GIMP so it suprises people when I make good tags. Oh and call me Troy
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