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Recent content by Major Tom

  1. M

    The Jungle Book

    The best of the best.
  2. M

    David Bowie

    One of the very best musical artist to ever exist. Only seconded to maybe Bob Dylan or The Beatles.
  3. M


    I just got done watching the entire season. Why can't TV crank out shows like this anymore?
  4. M


    You all should seriously watch it more. Best anime evur
  5. M

    None of you understand

    Steve Ouimette's cover of The Devil Went Down To Georgia is amazing. Well, to me at least.
  6. M

    Mission Hill

    Great show or Greatest show?
  7. M

    8 Dead in Nursing Home Shooting

    Eight people have been killed and several others wounded in a shooting at a nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina, police and hospital officials said Sunday...
  8. M

    Pixar Movies

    All of them have been gold. Not one Pixar movie that I've seen was bad. In fact, I think all of them have won awards of some sort.
  9. M

    I wrote this awhile ago

    If you guys have the time to read though it, give me some feedback! I'm A Defect I'm late to work again. Traffic was killer. I'm glad I don't have a car anymore. Boss might not know that I just arrived. I start too walk up the concrete stairs leading too the office. Boss is standing there...
  10. M

    Earthbound (SNES)

    Best game ever for the SNES coming through!
  11. M

    Oh hey guys

    I think this place is pretty hip and fresh!
  12. M

    Freaks And Geeks

    The only reason to watch 90s high school drama set in the 80s.