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  • the way you describe it i'd get bored with naruto xD

    its actually pretty good! its the 1st sonic game since adventure 2 that i can honestly say i enjoyed especially with the sonic from genesis days in it and for once i can go super sonic in any stage! something i've wanted since adventure one xD
    so he had to do all that just to catch naruto up? thats a kinda bad foreplanning isnt it?

    xD he looks weird i think.

    hilarious like how ichigo and rukia have a platonic relationship? xD

    playing sonic generations, thats bout all i got to do xD
    xD then the author must not like him to well if he had his ass kicked.

    cant see it.

    T~T im one of them....i wish kubo would let someone else write he can draw cool characters but it ends there.

    im back, what did you do today?
    i wouldnt know bout naruto i never liked it enough to stay with it tho even i noticed it seemed more detailed i guess b4 sasuke left..
    this is true however bleach isnt gonna end at this rate -_- it always has what the top 6 or 5 spot in its magazine? the recent fullbring arc started really great but it didnt last long at freaking all.

    xD im sorry then i've just got off a 7 day straight work schedule and its 10 after 3am and i have none and sleepy so i'll need to sleep now so im gonna go see you later.
    i think no matter whats done the storyline will suffer they both at once point let loose of what gave them great starts, for bleach kubo let go after ichigo saved rukia.
    i wish his inner hollow got more time i like his voice and his oddly accurate logic xD and that laugh. exactly! ichigo of whoever will take a beating to "analyze" their opponent -_- whereas hollow ichigo just keeps pounding away til he dies or wins.

    your not? o,0 but its nearly 3am.
    so you want them to dbzKAI bleach? xD i like it!
    yeah the only thing memorable now is hollow ichigo cause you know...he's a boss xD
    cool, tho done watch brotherhood.

    aint you on awful late?
    its sad that thats probably the best work of bleach since the original movie then xD
    is all of baccano on youtube!?
    until i see vs13 in a store case i will no believe cause if megaman has shown us anything trailers dont mean a thing.

    i plan to i done seen the outline of the 3rd, the 4th is that hell arc we all know we should've got. xD kubo isnt got it in him to pull a one piece.
    i dont want to download things tho >.> my computer sucks as it is.
    haha you think vs13 will actually release xD thats like believing in kh3 anymore.

    im getting there the only thing i have left of bleach is 2 movies cause unlike the rest the series the 1st movie is good. i wish they both would end.
    is it sad that some of the filler is actually better than the "plot"?
    really?! we're actually on a waiting list for it now, just have to wait til its here.
    xD i dont either cause i got thru FF13 and it took me a whole month just to beat the story and max out their levels and get the lightning theme for my ps3..god help the crazy ones to actually try the missions...

    i have to agree i mean its like with the intro of Aizen kubo decided to troll us thru him. actually manga wise theres only been week long skips the longest one is the 17month one after aizen was beat. cant blame him Ichigo's hollow has had more development, which is why he's the only reason i still watch/read it.
    if i get that DSL internet they say is coming i might be able to watch it.
    i agree its what i prefer.

    haha well i'd go with GoW3 1st you'd probably finish all that real quick.

    its so sad how true that is i mean the 1st 63 episodes (and the chapters these are from) were so good..dont know what happened.
    actually i do remember them xD why they immortal?
    xD when you get a lot it isnt.

    well what do you have?
    i dont like having headphones on over my glasses for some reason plus i prefer to just hear it out loud, noise cancelling is what handhelds are for. crown is basically another bleach. never seen Baccano.
    only money and such, im old now i cant expect much more from xmas xD

    play yer games out to you...cant you hear them?
    xD sounds cool tho the ipod is bout as far as it would be used with me.
    why sad bout Guilty Crown? also watch Durarara words...
    sadly they have to put it in due to it being the 2nd ever i guess, i never played it since its all side scroller.

    a whole week!?!?!? WHAT THE HELL MAN!?!?!!?
    is it a tv headset?
    how could you forget the awesomeness that is geass!? C2 is saddened.
    lol at least i was right bout the child and adult but i didnt expect to see the NES/SNES/GB games in it.

    fine how are you Zero?
    Haha I know, so was I ^^

    No, I'm the type that doesn't go out if I don't have anyone to go out WITH. Nah, we broke into this building park, hung out there, then we all waited at this big park for everyone to leave :p
    -_- Oh you drama queen.

    I'm good, tired of...doing nothing all day today. It's cold as hell. My brithday was hella fun. LAZER TAG ALL DAY! save for cheating little kids whom I despise -_-
    eh by the time you get that cloak tho you already know how to get close. now the parachute sounds more useful to me.
    and are any of the masks of any worth?

    haha oh yes they can, its like tryin to sit thru a ballet (a teacher made us once) it just dont work xD AT ALL!

    im goin to bed now i gotta work tomorrow, bye.
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