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Madam Lyssa
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  • Pretty good. Just chilling after an easy day of classes. I'm a little bit nervous about tommorow, because I have to play a solo for a contest in band. What about you?
    As comical as it is that you seem to get under his skin and he hates you and you seem to not really care, I would maybe not provoke his wrath. Though I think you could handle it, I just don't want you neg-repped up the ass.
    You may post on my profile if you don't say stupid things, and type in that replusive way you do in FOKH section. But I'm going to delete most of your other posts
    Me = short-tempered and has a penchant for being sarcastic- brilliant combination there.
    Lol I read your conversation with Crimson Soul, and I use Sarcasmic like all the time :D I also think that they way you post is funny and shows that you might just think more about what you say than others or maybe you just go with the flow *makes wavy arms*.
    First stop posting, and acting like a moron. Then maybe after that we can talk about me changing my stand points.
    You might have a better chance at asking him yourself.

    From what he told me, he dislikes idiocy and found you and your posts to be very idiotic.
    The way you post, and the things you say. They all lead me on to think you're some stupid teenage girl, that doesn't think before she speaks/or types.
    Yes, very much so. :D

    It's okay to do smilies every now and then, but too much and people won't take you seriously at all and will dismiss your posts. And that's not fun.
    I don't wish to have sex with you, honestly don't ever try breeding. I think you're stupid moron, and I hate you with a passion.
    Why did you give him rules? I'm a bit confused...I like original characters because you are the one that gets to make them real and it's your world. I'm on chapter nine at the moment though I've been working on it for years now. Never have as much time as I would like to devote to writing it, and then I get stuck and don't know what to make someone say sometimes. It can get difficult.
    I'm not trying to mean, I'm just telling you ahead of time so you don't continually get flamed or nega-repped because you use an excessive amount of smilies and exclamation marks.
    I don't think you're an ignoramus, they aren't known by anyone other than me. *Points to screen name* ZeagaLindsay, the L's are common...they are characters I made up for a sort of book I am trying to write and are pretty much the main characters. Since it's my screen name it makes sense to have a picture of them as my avatar or at least in an album.
    That's a very clever come back. I've never heard it used before. Do you have any reason why your posting on my proflie?
    How so? I want to have my own pic be an avatar, but I'm happy with the one I have for now. Maybe I will upload a pic of Zeagal and Lindsay for it...
    I saw it the other day and thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and it fits your personality from what I've read of your posts. Tried drawing one of them shadow heartless back in fifth grade. Didn't turn out well...now I draw better, but don't really like drawing things that aren't 'mine' know what I mean?
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