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Recent content by Macks

  1. Macks

    interest check for a multi-anime/video game combo roleplay

    checking for interest on a multi-premade world mix. combining the natures of many worlds has always fascinated me... but not the fanfiction though... thats never fun... [shudders] ... anyway! this interest check is also suggestion based! If you can think of a world and want it in the RP be...
  2. Macks

    Character ► [ACCEPTED] I must be crazy... but here's my character! (hopefully)

    final edition! definitely! I hope! "I don't get people. Never have, never will." Name: Macks Age: can heartless age? anywho, he acts about 15-17. Gender: he acts male. Weapon: claws, feet, teeth. The Wooden Sword: a wooden sword which Macks uses for defense. Abilities: leaping kick...
  3. Macks

    new "anything goes" roleplay? (roleplay as almost anything or anyone)

    I've been looking for a roleplay with heartless as a character but all i can find is a roleplay from 8 years ago with somewhere around 30 something posts so I'm going to try to start my own. Hopefully its going to be a success. Rules: No godmoding No spamming No powerplaying You can only be...