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    MG's Open Challenge

    OK, so I’ve been battling with General Chaos (or Laughing Stock as he's known as now) for the past 2 weeks or so, mainly due to his lack of ability to get online. So due to the wait between days, particularly Friday-Tuesday, I have decided to challenge someone else alongside the other battle to...
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    Machinany Gun Vs. General Chaos:Clash of the Irishmen.

    Yeh, that title is bound to attract GC's attention. It has "irish" in it. Moth to the light. GC to a beer. etc. Ok so heres the lowdown. I haven't RP'd in an age (a bit meaning a few months now) and GC has talked to me offline about taking him on in an RP battle. I was reluctant due to the...
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    What video game merchandise do you own?

    As the title asks what merchandise from video games do you own? To be honest I have nothing but a few posters of some games at best but I would like the FF8 squall pendant and the Triple Triad cards as well as maybe a solid snake figurine but thats just me. Soon i will have a Kingdom hearts...
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    Grandia Series

    I have just finished Grandia last night for the Playstation. Although the game itself was fairly damaged and froze on the worst moments possible i eventually finished it. In spite of this and the news that Grandia 3 is in the works i am curious to see who here has played and finished any of the...
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    Action Replay

    I started this thread to see who has or had an action replay and how often they use it. I also started this to see what peoples opinions on using it for games are. Personally i dislike action replay as it usually takes the challenges out of games with for example: infinite health and infinite...
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    Fanfiction ► Aidan's Story

    Nice description on the town i thought. Nice going, i take it the next few chapters will be more relaxed than whats to come afterwards. Kinda like the way Traverse Town was in Kingdom hearts. Anyways when the next ones ready be sure to post it.
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    Fanfiction ► Aidan's Story

    Interesting story TT. Nice Job, i'll keep add this story to the few im following. Awaiting the next chapter when its ready. (and i pity the incoming characters from Kaze and Winged. They are going to argue, i just know it!)
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    How will we first see the enemy this time?

    If you recall the 1st game all the main foes were around a table shrouded in complete darkness and seeing this makes me wonder whether or not this will be the case this time or will we see the Organisation members in their hangout with the hoods down. Which do you believe will happen or do you...
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    Fanfiction ► Trios

    Seems like you gotta good build up here. Nice work, i see you put much more in on description so thats good to see. Do i sense a jailbreak sometime soon? Cause it sure as hell feels like ones brewin. Hope to see more from this soon.
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    Castle Oblivion's Roulette

    Ok this is a completely different RP for me but it makes things interesting. A Spin-off from the main KH story. Castle Oblivion has been altered due to Sora and Riku's travels through it. It now has an interesting twist to it. You no longer use cards to access the disney worlds. You fate is...
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    Fanfiction ► Trios

    ok GTX im waiting. Anytime your ready be sure to let me see it ok? Must read your farplane attack fic sometime when i get the chance as well.
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    Fanfiction ► Trios

    Thats kool, i wanna learn to draw during the summer, even if i am the worst artist ever as it is. I'd rather improve from awful to terrible over the summer, however i have my own story to worry about along with my holidays to a place or two. Hope to see abetter pic of Trios. How are you are...
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    Fanfiction ► Trios

    Lol the original 'are we there yet?' scene. Its a classic. Nice chapter and it seems Quad has a lot of sorceress power behind him. I feel like a huge battle between the two former friends will be good to see. Keep it up GTX, i'll wait for your next chapter.
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    Fanfiction ► Trios

    Ok i've posted. I'll wait til tomorrow for the next part then GTX. Just make sure you get it up.
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    Specteral Seepers

    Ok new Rp, hoping this one lasts longer than the last fiasco..... anyways heres the story: A prophet in the early 1900's predicted that in the year 2005, the world would be threw into chaos by an unseen force that will literally just appear. The year 2005 hit and the people who echoed these...