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Recent content by LuvKyou

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    Bands live that have disappointed you.

    I went to see F.O.B last night and it was AMAZING! XD I lost it..haha..totally lost it, jumping, screaming etc etc. The concert started at 7:00pm and the supporting band played 'til about 8:00pm. After they left, everyone was expecting F.O.B to come on but they didn't. Instead, some other band...
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    Heylo~ What do you guys think of the Lostprophets? I wouldn't say they're new but you might not have hear them or of them before. So they're latest track is "Rooftops ( A Liberation Broadcast)". So, just wondering who likes them and who doesn't...^_^ Of course, I like them lots! Bai...
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    15 more days~ YAY! Nearly here, can't wait!
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    First of all, what is philosophy? The dictionary defines philosophy as the ' Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.' In other words, it is the study of the world using reason instead of...
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    Farewell, members of KHI.

    Yup, as the title suggests, I'm leaving KHInsider Forums. It's become boring and lost its spark. :thumbdown: So I've decided to leave. I'll probably ocassionally visit the chat or something though, but not that likely that I will. If you wanna, add me on msn or drop me a line on hotmail,my addy...
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    I got told that it'll be released on ike the 28th of Sep.
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    The Panic! At The Disco fanclub~!

    Yes, a fanclub for P!@TD!! I <3 them, so I made a club!! w00t~!! Join, one and all!
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    Yuffie VS Kairi Fanclub~!!! W000t~~

    OK!! Join one and all~! This is a fanclub for one of the nicest people on this forum, though not always appreciated...Anyways, for yuffie vs kairi~!! YAY!!
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    ~sky Bolt's Birthday~!!!~

    Yes, yes. It is the birthday of everyone's favourite King of Grammar. *Sniff* They grow up so fast.. ANYWAYS~!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKY!!! *hugs and gives virtual present* YAY!!
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    ~.:Schola de Magus:.~ {A literate RP by Kagura4Kyo&4Haru and LuvKyou}

    ( No, this is not Harry Potter related. ~_~) ___________________________________________ In a world that never existed. In a place that was never seen... Evil roamed until, one day a group of highly skilled Mages and Wizards defeated the evil beings' King, Zorphar. Few died and good prevailed...
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    ~The Perminator's Fanclub~

    YAYS~! A fanclub for Spermy! Join or the Perms all around the world shall get you with their curly-ness!! ~LuvK.
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    xXxTeh GeneralChaos FanclubxXx

    Yes, another fanclub made by me.. For everyone's most loved and the mods' most feared GeneralChaos~! JOIN! Or his army of little green men with walking sticks shall destroy you!!!
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    =.:Teh Crow Fanclub:.=

    Hehe~! This is a club for everyone's favourite 50-year-old-at-heart, The Scarecrow~!! As the name suggests... Anyways~~ Join, fans of Scarecrows and haters of birds. Perhaps lovers of birds too. Join! And be graced by the ocassional presence of Teh Crow!
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    ~.:Albel Nox:.~ Fanclub~

    Yup~! A fanclub for Albel from 'Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time' has finally been made! Join, one and all! But there are a few rules: ~You HAVE to like/love Albel, no haters allowed! ~No Double-posting unless it was an accident, if it was an accident and you don't really need the other...
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    +_=Stolen_Love=_+ ( A Kagura4Kyo&4Haru and LuvKyou Production)

    Eight normal teens were walking to school one morning, they were walking past a club when a white van pulled up beside them. A few guys got out, some moved stuff into the club but one walked over to one of the girls of the group, he grabbed her wrist and started pulling her towards the van...