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  • Well my parents said you have to take up at least 1 (or more) sports and something else. I told my mom badminton, but thats all I wanna take up, so she signed us all up for tutoring (we're diff subjects good thing its only 1 sub. she almost thought about Fil. AND Math). O_O
    yeah i cant get khi of my mind its like im constantly thinking of all my friends on here.

    ok that creeps me out and ive never ever heard u two say anything at the same time lol
    oh wow that poem part is cool and the part bout the heart and when u thought of nobodies made me laugh and u and ur friend seem like me and mine lol
    its wiggling hehe he is so cute i wish i had a moogle of my own. But wow yes u are talented u just dont know it yet, and art class can suck at times (i konw i used to have it) but doin that king of stuff is fun, i know it might not be "your thing" but hey one day it might be. I mean creating a moogle? art must be ur thing but its ur choice what u do so eh...i cant tell u what to do but take some advice from a friend,go with what ur best at ur young and fresh unlike me lol.

    What u r good at anyways?
    Oh wow u did cool i cant even draw a stick person right. lol well that makes u very talented at arts then huh? "looks at moogle" hehehe ur rrite he is...cute when asleep.
    Ooooooh..... I sorta feel your pain man, my mom signed me up for advanced FILIPINO tutoring. *shudders*, why'd she sign you up for THAT anyway?
    Hahaha LOL! This fanfic's hilarious! The video's kinda wierd, but the 1 w/ Demyx speaking squeaky's soooo funny.
    yeah the notre damn thing was hilarious...What moogle drool yuck gross here u take him now "pushes moogle toward u and wipes drool of pants"
    yeah he is alright marluxia is kingdom hearts version of a tranvestite cuz of the pink hair and flower pedals (woman) but gender (male)
    OMG demyx u accually like that moron "takes moogles chocolate and pets him gently on the head" nity nite moggle i like axel he is funny as hell.

    and his sence of humpr is like mine also lol
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