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    KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory spoiler policy will end on December 13th, 2020.

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Lumen et ignem
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  • Wow they must be really lazy. Some teens are like that at my school too. They take classes just to get an easy grade or to get out of otherz
    Sweet I was in the band once lasy year. I was playing the drums.....sometimes XD wow they actually talk half the year to you guys about drug abuse? Thats messed up :(
    lol yeah the last two I just chose because they said we needed five slots filled out so I put them. The first three I like and I'm interested in doing all of those next year. So ru in high school? If so then what grade and what electives do you take?
    1. Naval ROTC II
    2. New Media Technology
    3. Beg. weight training?intermidaite
    4. Spanish I
    5. Team SportsI/II...I think they're gonna put us in two or three of these electives for next year.
    Wow that must suck, as for me I have just been finishing exams last week and picking electives for my 10th grade year.
    Hey, sorry I couldn't post a comment in ur story sooner, but I posted one just now. It's coming along nicely I like it a lot.
    hi there...want to be my friend?
    i have another little question...how do you make polls?
    Just a tip from the staff: don't make duplicate threads if you want to add a poll; this can be done inside the thread even after it's made.
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