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    My short fiction homework

    So in my class you had to write about a short fake story being locked in a room with some tape,a key chain,a belt,and a ink pen.So I want you to tell me how it is Trapped in college high. "Brrrrriiinnngg." Went the high school bell.Today was the last day of high school and it was summer...
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    SoraXRiku fanclub

    Welcom to soraXriku page.Where crazy fangirls come and post topics about sora and riku togethere.But please dont go overload ok.good. Banners http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b300/shippokren/smallbannersXr.png smaller SoraXriku sig...
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    Happy birthday to luckysora

    Its my birthday hurray....and I still have no friends...oh well ITS MY BIRTHDAY! hurray! So wish me a happy birthday ok or esle:) P.s Im geting a armax i want some codes on kingdom hearts 2 please post them and wish me a happy birthday please^^
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    The new inuyahsa movie on adult swim

    well its not that new of a movie but did enyone hear that the 3rd inuyasha movie is comeing on adult swim!:drool:
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    Im think of makeing a kh game

    i got this idea with these guys makeing the game called Kingdom Hearts: Key of Destiny so i think of makeing a game to im still thinking of the name but its going to be a rpg this may allso take awhile cause im working on a game maker and i have prblems with it but i got a image on what it look...
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    How can you trigger events in inuyasha secret of the cursed mask

    HELP I WANT TO KNOW HOW LIKE WHAT SEEDS AND FERTILLIZ WHO TO GIVE TO WHAT TIME TO GIVE THEM TO ...please^^ And it's the mysteriour field events sorry i didn't put it down^^
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    Star ocean till the end of time help?

    Well i need help When you get to th 2 disc and when of your three friends pops up.Does enyone know how to pick the person to pop up.Cause mines is allways random.I know it has to do with the scenes cause i got the roger and albel one.But then i dont know how they pick from the 3. HELP! p.s:is...
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    This roxas pic

    Does enyone esle remaber this part in KH2 cause i cant,Is it a toke away part or something http://www.khinsider.com/images/13member/003.jpg
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    FF3 remake for the Ds

    http://www.gamespot.com/ds/rpg/finalfantasyiii/index.html I found on this site there are remakeing FF3 for the Ds^^ did enyone esle knew that *cant wait for it to come out*
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    The good music in Kh2

    my fav music is battle music,And my fav one is when your fighting twilight thron i like that music but you allso hear it in other battles but i ferget where they esle came in...i wish i can listen to it now^^:D
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    micky help me kill xaldin 0-o

    Well when i was fighting xaldin both me and my party member died -_- Yuh but the wired thing is the screen was whight not dark it said two words Dont give up hope this is the end.... so i click dont give up hope and mickey was there i was playing micky 0-o it was wired i never knew that you...
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    Vivi a boy!

    did eny one esle think that vivi was a girl cause i did 0-o it was wired thinking of vivi being a girl but when i sow his pofile they said she was a he!:eek: It gave me a big surprise
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    will still never know zexion weapen was

    Ok when you get to the point where you have to fight Luxord and Saix look at the images below them they show you there weopen.But there only one that well destory and that was zexion!SO WE ARE NEVER TO KNOW WHAT WEAPEN HE HAD THAT SUCKS!:mad:
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    perfect place to lvl up in pride lands

    Make sure to beat the 2 misson to do this First equip your gullwing if you dont have it then look for yuna riku and pain in hallolow bastain then go to pride rock go in the kings house and go all the way up top of pride rock There will be millons of heartless attack you well not a millon just a...
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    dark sora in halloween town does not have 3 eyes

    IF you see his MASK has 2 eyes just like the other drives you have so he does not have 3 eyes he only has 2