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  • Aww! Gough seems like such a wise, gentle giant. His armor, if obtainable, would be a very nice collectable, though.
    They're both addicting games, especially when it comes to character builds.
    I commend Demon's Souls for aging so well--although I can never play it again, because I've memorized every step of the game, haha.
    Oh, I already have something in mind for Oswald already...
    You'll just have to stay tuned.
    Essentially, he feels detached from society, and feels that Fina's blessing allows him to commit no wrong. The difficulty lies in keeping that in mind, while still giving him the mannerisms of a "low-down assassin".
    Well, quite a bit can be gleaned from his armor's flavor text--but I'm having trouble with his voice.
    As for the Fire-Keeper, I was sure to include a remark about her...
    Ah, I'm glad to hear that I have another reader.
    I'll hopefully have enough time for a few more before the week is over.

    Lautrec is surprisingly difficult to capture...
    yeah, well, that's information I would've liked to have known back then, but didn't.
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