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  • See, that's why my hiatus in the KH sections is bad. People don't know what kind of a stubburn bitch I am :3
    See, that's the thing. I do read a lot into everything - but I still only dislike Kairi. xD; and Kairi has too many blanks to try and fill, to the point you're effectively writing fanfiction to fill out the canon. That's legitimate in some cases, like me believing Riku was the one that gave Sora his crown necklace, but between that and creating a whole back story for one of the main characters there's a long way to go.

    "we can tell that these three have grown very close over their lives, and that because of that they feel so very close"

    Is that why Riku and Kairi at the start of KH1 wanted to snatch Sora to themselves?
    Kairi offered to leave Riku behind.
    Riku offered to leave Kairi behind right before he disappeared (Kairi's coming with us! *Kairi no where in sight* *disappears*), and then shrugged her off completely in Traverse Town, saying she's looking for them so why should Sora care.
    That's not them being close, that's them hating each other's guts. And that's not really me reading into it, that's me paying attention as both scenes were served on a silver platter.

    "They are special because I think of them like that, same way SRK all feel about each other."

    Yeah, see, that's why I mentioned CoM and all that shiz. Aside from them telling us so, there's nothing in the series to really make Kairi special. As far as Sora and Riku go, Selphie could've filled in the role in KH1, with how much background we're given about SRK as a trio. The only thing we get to see from their past is Sora with either one separately. How can you truly say Riku and Kairi care about each other without us getting to see it?

    "Would Sora have traveled to the ends of the known (and unknown) universe to save "John Doe from down the street"? No."

    .....that's why he risked his life to save Alice, right? And that's why KH2 was basically "Riku's here? No? Oh poo, let's save this world filled with strangers why we're here."
    Look me in the eye and tell me that had it been Selphie and Tidus that disappeared right in front of his eyes the night of the storm, that he wouldn't have gone to save them too.

    "And CoM just placed those feelings on Namine. "

    Seeing how
    1) There was another girl and there was a part in the game where Sora remembered both Kairi and Namine as separate entities in his Heart
    2) Sora treats Namine completely differently than he does Kairi, specifically in the reunion scenes
    3) The Memories Namine created had nothing to do with Kairi on the basic plot level, seeing how the Memory of the Promise between them took place when Kairi only reached the islands - so how could it have been a Kairi Memory originally?
    I have to say - no, SoKai doesn't base SoNami, otherwise I fail to see why Namine offered him a choice at the end of the game. Should've been redundant, right? If Kairi's Memories were to resurface regardless since Sora 'loves' her so.
    On the other hand, it's canon that if SoKai shall come to pass, it's because Sora's feelings for Namine - canonized as seeing her as more than a friend, than you Re:CoM - were directed by Namine at Kairi. SoNami bases SoKai, not the other way around. Har.

    "Your points of Wonderland, if they had been better represented and more clearly exposed, then it would have been fine. "

    That's just you being lazy. A good story needs to be a bit read into. If they spoon feed you everything, most likely, the story's crap.

    "Including Kairi more could have put a little bit more plot infusion into the game"

    Actually, they couldn't have put her in more in KH1. Sora saw her in Traverse Town in Merlin's house. He saw her in Deep Jungle. She was part of the Light he was searching for in the Coliseum along with Riku. And then once you moved to the other group of worlds, Riku by then was out to get Sora to hurt while using Kairi, and showed up whenever he could to rub in Sora's face what a crappy friend he was and how Riku was so much better because he found Kairi and was going to save her while Sora could just sit aside and play with a wooden sword with Donald and Goofy.
    The only place where they could've added in more plot for her was at the end, to put her in HB instead of letting her rot away in Traverse Town, but that's it. With Kairi being comatose, there's not much else they could've done with her.
    Wonderland gave you explanation about the Heartless, introduced the kidnapped PoHs, showed a bit about Sora's personality, and probably was the first Keyhole you got to seal. Pretty big world if you ask me, once you tear it down to pieces.
    And I meant personal in the sense I wanted to take her outside and beat her up with a pulp. SoKai if they want to go there needs to be a lot less blunt. Kairi needs to stop obsessing about Sora. Part of the reason why Riku really seems to mean so much to Sora is because Sora, despite KH2, doesn't obsess over him as a general rule. He befriends other people, interacts with them, cares about them - but he does all that and MORE - for Riku, hence showing he's special. If they want me to believe Kairi and Sora mean anything to each other, they need to have them interact with other people, and not have Kairi tell HPO how much her and Sora are lovey dovey because that's bull, and she left Riku out, so I've more problem with her general attitude.
    That's part of why I laugh whenever they tell me Kairi's Sora's most important person. With only Riku to compare her to from their homeworld, she fails miserably as a person Sora cares for at all, let alone someone important, let alone his MOST important person. She's not special - she's the only person aside from Riku we have from Sora's homeworld, and hence, by definition, she cannot be special. 1 person out of a population of 1 person is 100%. That's not special, that's the entirety of the population.
    Now had they expanded on Sora and Riku's relationship with TSW to show us Kairi was special in comparison - that was one thing, but they didn't. And when they did, for 30 seconds in CoM/Re:CoM - lo and behold, TSW mean as much to Riku and Sora as Kairi does. So they want me to think Kairi is special why, again? Jeez.
    I separate the two issues. She could've been handled properly, written better, more impact, actually had Sora and Riku care about her in a believable way, etc, etc.
    But when she wants to leave Riku behind and go on a love cruise with Sora, after seeing how much leaving meant to Riku, THAT got it personal. 10 minutes into the game - it was personal >:c
    Kairi in KH1 was actually bearable to me, despite being... mean. She had plot relevance and a personality. KH2 Kairi had neither.
    Did it have to do with Kairi?

    Hello there, good man. May I know to what do I owe the dubious pleasure of being friend-requested before even knowing you exist?
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