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    If you haven't died at least once then you havent truley played kh2

    don't remember what level i was on xaldin....but i was level 48 when i beat xemnas which isn't all that high peace, dude. forgive me for not knowing the meaning of xD
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    If you haven't died at least once then you havent truley played kh2

    once again, i would ask you to not assume that most people have the same amount of brainpower as you. (i.e. that of a 6-year old)
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    final form

    seems like most people got it the same way..................... i also got it when trying to go master in the fight with xigbar
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    If you haven't died at least once then you havent truley played kh2

    hey dude, just cuz u suck it doesn't mean that everybody else is at ur level. i died once as riku during the fight with xemnas (standard mode)
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    KH2's difficulty?

    i beat the game on standard and it was quite easy. the only time i died was while playing as riku in the fight with xemnas. definately going to replay on proud mode....
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    Level Up Forms

    dunno why thats just how it is. and to level up master u have to collect drive orbs.
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    Level Up Forms

    i usually just run through the underground concourse or twtnw, unless ur leveling up wisdom cuz u need to kill heartless
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    What Is ur Favorite Level Right Now On KH2

    timeless river was my fav. dunno why, it just was. then its pride lands and port royal. twtnw, beasts castle, and radiant garden had the best music. and btw skateboarding is pointless if ur final form is max.(i dont have it but my cousin does on his jap version)
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    Found it ! English KH2 Intro !

    the intro itself was great i just meant that sanctuary sucks compared to passion
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    Found it ! English KH2 Intro !

    the english intro suks anyway
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    Byakugan vs Sharingan

    hey guys, just thought this would be an interesting post (hope no one's done it before). i would pick sharingan, cuz although byakugan gives you much sharper vision, range of sight, and comes with a bunch of sweet moves, i dont think they compare with the moves you get with Mangekyo Sharingan...
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    Mario Kart

    I have come to envy those in the animal crossing thread, all having fun and partying. Seeing as how i do not have that game, and will not be getting it for a while, i have decided to make a mk thread. This doesn't just have to be about posting friend codes; you can talk about anything mario...
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    Reason for plain-looking command menus

    maybe they took the customized command menus(if there were any) out of the trailer because they didnt want to give us any insight about what kind of world it is
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    ansem, superior . . . old stuff

    if you search Billy Zane(the voice for ansem) on IMDB, it will say that he is currently recording his voice for ansem in KH2. he's also doing the voice for Diz. that pretty much confirms that ansem will be in KH2, or maybe riku will just have flashbacks of the past or maybe ansem hasn't...
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    I have heard many people call Aerith Aeris, which i find very confusing. i was just wondering which is the proper spelling/pronunciation. any help would be greatly appreciated