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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


Lord of Chaos
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  • In case you hadn't guessed, I'm interested in joining your Omniverse battle. You're probably acquainted with my signature character - Drake Ignis - in some form, and while I've been reluctant to change who he essentially is, would you have any objections to me adapting his character to a sort of demi-god status for his role within this battle and the hopefully subsequent roleplay?
    Ah ok. Just making sure nothing bad happened to you or anything.

    Plus everyone's waiting on you to post :/
    Alright; will do. I'm moving into college soon however, so let me just get settled, and I'll start up a thread when I feel things are going well
    Sounds good. I'll organise the PM with the current interview and where it's at, and have it sent to you.
    Aloha; mind if I challenge you for Rank 1? I somewhat recall you stating that you'd find that acceptable should we both find the time.
    Okay; I'm actually online right now, I'm making dinner but I should be able to talk. Assuming that's okay with you, of course.
    For some reason, I've got some sort of hunch that you've got some way of helping me out with a problem listed here. Please don't think I'm asking for you to do anything but advise; like I said, I've just got some weird hunch that you're the person to talk to. =/
    Now works well, I suppose.

    Mine's on my profile, I believe I've added the current alias listed on your profile. Or at least as soon as you re-activated this one.
    You know what? This interview downtime is honestly getting me bored.

    You're up next, Omniverse-man.
    Thank you; I think that I just got tired of waiting for a roleplay that actually worked, and when most people left the Battles section, I did as well. The length of the posts and the general lack of some sort of functional understanding concerning the rules of grammar gets pretty old as well.

    I have, however, taken that love of writing and changed it (back) into writing poetry and prose. If you want to read anything I can give you a link.
    No, I was just curious; I didn't want any kind of technical issue involving the rules. I'd be more excited that this profile is active if I still participated in roleplaying, but (unfortunately?) I gave up on it a year or two ago.
    I'm hoping that this account is active because Rainfire is out of commission?
    Fucking placebo effect how does it work.
    No, it's fine. You're a matter of course for these interviews.
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