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  1. Lord betrayus

    I'm BACK!!!....sort of?

    Hi people! For those who remember me(I think some of you do? Or none) I'm (Look to your left)! I've been gone for a long time but I can't help but feel the pull to come back and get on the forum bandwagon! XD So is there anything I need to know about that isn't on the guidelines or rules? Also...
  2. Lord betrayus

    The Chihuahua-man hate club-where anger and hate rain supreme!

    Cause someone had to make it one day. This club was made solely to dedicate our hate of Chihuahua-man. Shall we start now? This is a joke Members Dark lord of the sith/leader: Lord Betrayus not a joke...
  3. Lord betrayus

    The King`s Speech

    I did not see any thread over this. So what did you think? Personally I found it to be an inspiring movie, not to mention the acting was superb.
  4. Lord betrayus

    So it`s been about a year for me.

    Dear KHI, Hi. For those of you who do not know me(that should be a lot of you) I am Lord Betrayus. I have been here for a year now and I have to say this forum is the best one I have been to I believe. For one thing you guys...
  5. Lord betrayus


    So. I have recently learned that I have a mumbling problem. I figured it out today actually. I was talking to some kid and asked him a question. He heard like maybe one word but didnt respond and just stared at me. I asked again. This time more audibly and he responded I thought it was a one...
  6. Lord betrayus

    An idea I can`t stop throwing around in my head anymore

    O.k. Since the basic premise of the rp i`m thinking of is really long and this idea is a clusterfluff if done bad and an interesting idea if done right(of course aren`t all of the rps when first thought up?) I`m going to throw out this experimental idea from the bones up. Me and a friend of mine...
  7. Lord betrayus

    So its my birthday and I thought I would list things that I have learned from this site.

    1. You cant leave 2. Even on the internet you cant escape religion. 3. Hamster lords are not free. 4.I have more than four things to type. 5. Rping has taken over my life. 6. fanfiction writers are very good. 7. Kissing up to people over the internets never work. 8. If you miss a day of a fc you...
  8. Lord betrayus

    Do you really need to hang out with friends all the time?

    If my title is confusing let me clarify. My parents, more specifically my step-dad, and mom are always on me about not making many friends, hanging out with friends, doing things with friends, etc. It got me thinking, I don't really feel like i'm missing out on anything when I don't go outside...
  9. Lord betrayus

    Does playlist work for KHI?

    I'm asking this question because I have looked around the user cp to see and haven't found anything. Am I missing something or is it playlist wasn't meant to be on here.
  10. Lord betrayus

    I am here!

    Hi I'm lord betrayus just thought I would drop in here to introduce myself. I'm not new to forums so this should be easy. Anything I should know? People I should stay away from? I also am a giant fan of RPGs so you will probably see me on them the most.