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  • I know, but this is what's happening in Malaysia right now and I just don't understand how they could have the heart to do it!! Now the government made a law that it'll be death sentence for those who do this. I really don't understand why they are so careless and ignorant to do such things. Oh God, if you see the pictures...it's terrible. I can't even take a second to look at it (not that I want to, but it's just there). I'm so sad beyond words for these newborn babies.
    Hey, I did your request that you posted up in the Traditional Media section.
    i'll be gone.......forever so thank's for showing how easyly my feeling's are hurt and now i'l never fogive that
    ok i will *sniff*for.....every one here i knew an 11 year could never fit in*start's to cry like no tomrrow*
    Yeah I did! But...I don't think I'm going to join it because I'm not so free now. :( I won't be able to post so often, I think. But I'll see.
    Some stupid shit is updating on my computer... I can hardly use this website, and Gmail has more Adobe Flashplayer. I should be able to get on there some time around 8a--

    Oh, wait, the update just finished.

    Computer failing. I have a list of thingies to do regarding the RP. Also, my dad wants me to go have breakfast with him, 'cause he's all like, "You're awake while I am! :D" and Idunnoh... =-=

    Perhaps more like from 10a-12a here. 2p is a no-no, seeing as my cycle of sleeping has been slightly altered T~T.
    I'm working on my character now. Mind if I make a major character? I was thinking of tweaking him into an orchestrator of the underground network, specializing in getting mutants to and from the hubs as needed. Technomancer. Any objections? I'll PM you his profile when I'm done, so you can see if he works with the RP or not.
    Oh, I won't be on after around 9 or 10. I have a party to go to at 12noon. Sorry. Just email me the temp and I'll take a look at it later. I'll also send you the temp that I'm working on around the time I get back (or before... Idunnoh...)...
    Also, aren't you, like, just getting home from a party? I'm quite patient. Take your time.
    My computer is running really slow at the moment. So, sure. Just don't really expect anything like a reply really quickly.

    We may have to stick to PMs and VMs.
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