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  • When you get 1000 posts, you turn premium, then at 3000, you turn platinum
    To become a Mod, you need to be asked, NEVER ASK
    Well here's the skinny on things
    Normal Members (you): Avatar size 100x100 max
    Premium Members (me): Avatar size 125x125 max
    Platinum Members: Avatar size 150x150 max
    Mods,Admins,etc.: Avatar Size 200x200 max
    Allow me to teach you a secret passed down by only the wisest of sages on KHI

    To bypass the 25 character rule, put a large space between the second to last and last words

    What's ------------------------------------------ up?
    The dashes are meant to be spaces
    Of course you weren't asking me
    But you know, out of the kindnes out of my heart, I'll scan a few for ya
    Hi! -shakes hand-

    I'd love to be your friend :D Hope to see you around!
    :D Yay! dA! I'm gonna watch you :D

    Yes, you can have some of my Sugar Spocks. :D They make every day brighter and "fascinating"! :D -hands you a bowl without milk-
    I always post like one comment. I'm new. And usually get to the boards late. So I have nooo clue what you guys are talking about. lol
    Um, I'm usually only on here but I used to hang around stickam and I am on deviantART and a few other sites.

    Also the name comes a dot hack book I read.

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