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Recent content by lonekyuubi

  1. L

    kh2 opening.

    ^Wow Tidora, just wow Anyway could you be bit more clearer on what your trying to explain? Are you saying you dont have emotions?
  2. L

    Birth By Sleep Boxart-contest-

    Actually this belongs in the fanart section because your making/doing art. Also Number13Roxas why dont you submit a box art instead of being a critique?
  3. L

    The peices on VAT are armor!

    I dont think that is true. The armor is growing on them? Thats really unbelivable. He could just be wearing it just wear it. Part of his character design. Also remember if they grew into the armor wouldnt the user of the armor be damged severly when the armor brakes? It doesnt add up because in...
  4. L

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Actually if you look at the cutscene it shows Sora and the pictures of his friends on the glass. Thats why Roxas said "Thats why." or whatever he said.
  5. L

    Help/Support ► Please pray with me

    Wow, thats horrible. I hope the sister can stay mentally stable (Im being serious)
  6. L

    The Org. member that you just couldn't wait to destroy?

    I picked Xaldin because hes a stalker >.>
  7. L

    BBS with card system - Does this suck or not?

    No no no! I cant go through that again. Also like DTL said we have seen the battle layout/system
  8. L

    Confirmed Worlds

    ^That would be an interesting battle. Wands lol
  9. L

    Nomura Confirmed only two ways to travel between worlds, so...

    Ah so maybe their determined to get to the next world? That would be interesting.
  10. L

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Photoshop? anyway wanna see it when its done :D
  11. L

    Nomura Confirmed only two ways to travel between worlds, so...

    Wouldnt it be cool if the corridors of light was a star that lets them travel?(though Im getting ahead of myself.)
  12. L

    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Ah so its basically just a reversal like reflect?
  13. L

    UEM (Master Xehanort) keyblade question

    So basically Terra can track down the real KH? Wow thats usefull XD or fake khs XD
  14. L

    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion He'll give you....PAPERCUTS!!!! lol His element is absorbtion? I didnt know that XD
  15. L

    Solid Snake v.s Big Boss

    Solid snake wins because he did kill big boss