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  • :O Oh my! T-Thanks Captain Lingering Mog, but you didn't have to *laughs nervously* Many Thanks Captain! Many thanks!
    Your incredible powerhouse abilities should prove useful in the battle against the Demon Cats~
    Wow, that's a badass uniform, Captain~ :D

    BTW, I've been promoted to Admiral. :D
    Found ya! :D

    I did cheat with the cape though. Didn't have the Lingering Will's KH2 model, so I took Cecil's from Dissidia to improvise.

    I'm placing you with Captain TerMog, Captain L. WillMog (or whatever name you come up with xD).

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Yeah I don't know whether you remember me, we were talking about the Disney crossover, with Pride Lands being far better suited in BBS than KH2. I loved that last idea you gave by the way (I cannot for the life of me remember what it was though O.O) but could not reply due to exams and such >.>

    Anyway, I do so enjoy reading your posts and you have tons of ideas, so FRIEND REQUEST!! 8D
    I'm glad you enjoyed the editorial :3 thank you for reading, and I hope you'll enjoy the last part too!
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