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    I'm trying to make a parody to Will I Am's song "I got it from my momma" nevermind! i actually found an instrumental version of the song, all i need to do is download it. even though the only place i have found it is on youtube, but whatever.
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    I made a video!

    yupppers it's true! any advice or criticism on my video is greatly appreciated! YouTube - Kingdom Hearts - World, Hold On (Bob Sinclair)
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    I can't see the page

    I don't why this has been happening, but whenever I sign on to it doesn't show up! It's been doing this to me for over a month! But when I went on one of the pages once it worked! Is there something wrong with my Firefox or something? because i know this has been happening to...
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    What happened to Dogenzaka and Xaldin?

    Dogen's says that he got banned (can someone explain that to me please?) and Xaldin hasn't been on in FOREVER! i'm used to seeing these everywhere on the forums. what happened to them?
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    so when's your summer vacation?

    summer vacation for me is only three more days (damn exams) and then freedom! and best of all, i'm going to be 16 this summer!
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    NOOB is a racist slur

    Stuffed - Offbeat News - UN report: 'Geek' now recognised as a race, Retard now a racist term. geek n00b and retard are now considered "Racist Slurs" by the UN look for yourself. . .
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    Is youtube dying?

    I am a youtuber, and I hate to say it, but youtube is starting to become very lame. For one thing, they're deleting all their anime. And the music videos, if it wasn't for the members continuing to re-upload their videos I don't know how I would survive. I mean, believe me, I do like youtube...
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    Kingdom Hearts X

    I don't know if anyone's posted this up yet but this is what i found on as a url from someone on a chatroom they told me about this just a few minutes ago IGN: Kingdom Hearts X on the page you'll see "Kingdom Hearts X" which i was told was the rumored new name of the third chapter in...
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    i luv this song

    i don't care if you hate this song or adam sullivan or anything. I LUV THIS VIDEO! YouTube - Kelly - Shoes
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    Ansem and the Fake Riku?

    Please don't flame me, I just thought that this picture looked like Ansem (The Heartless of KH1) and the Riku replica. I mean, if you think about it, that old guy sure does look like that. and riku's replica does have a similar outfit. and the kh:CoM ending of the replica of riku is kind of open...
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    My mom wants to take my sister to Texas

    A few of you may have heard some of my recent problems with my parents divorce. But unfortunately, now my mother wants to move to Texas and take my 4 year old sister. My mother is a selfish human being. It says in the divorce papers that my parents have that my little sister and myself can't...
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    Twilight the Movie

    If any of you are familiar with the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, and really enjoy the books there will be a movie made. if you go on her site it says some stuff on there about the movie and her SUGGESTIONS on who she would like to see play the characters. Henry...
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    my posts count

    okay, so i put up a new post on a thread. and it was weird because it said it was only 960, when i went back through my pages it was 961. did one of my comments get deleted? i don't mind if it got deleted if it was spam or something, but i just want to know if it was a glitch or something. which...
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    Toonami kids

    i remember they had a whole block of these anime shows on toonami. like sailor moon, and a few other good shows.i always watched that from when i was 8 to 10, then they stopped showing it...weird.. (if this is in the wrong section, please move it! thanks)
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    i just want to know what vbBux is, because i was on my profile settings and it had that and I am quite confused as to what it is, and how it works. do you earn points for being in the rpg?