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  • Hmm, a nobody strong enough to retain a human(ish) body, I think, I don't know, both are pretty sad existences.

    Flying, or swimming?
    Double jump would probably be the most helpful, or glide. Or "Drive shifts" so I could change my clothes instantly depending on whats going on.

    If you had to protect yourself with only one FF/KH weapon ir'd be?
    Crap, my bad xP

    How about.... One animal you wish you could have as a pet, real or fictional.
    Crap, my bad xP

    How about.... One animal you wish you could have as a pet, real or fictional.
    Lol, woooow, you sound like such a total fangirl right now, no offense xP

    Disney, Buzz Lightyear or Woody, either or. FF, Balthier from FFXII would be interesting, I think.
    Personally I always liked it, but I'm the kinda guy that'd still play with lego's, so building ships is fun for me.

    Rikku. I'll admit, I've always had a crush on her, lol.

    FF or KH character you wish you could go on a date with?
    Ooh, that sounds good... x)

    Oblivion, but I like dual wielding with Oathkeeper, just, yin and yang.

    Gummi ship, like it or no?
    That's good ^^ I'm doing ok, not much new here either. XD Can't wait until Thanksgiving, I crave turkey X3.
    Thanks. I'm trying to find a job, but the job market sucks here. Dx If I could just get one, my problems would be solved.
    I done tried that with the ps3, they quit taking in trades from the ps2/gamecube gen of gaming in most places.
    If you sell for money I dont know how much you'll get right now, it's not that old yet. Usually only the gaming ancient fetch prices such as the NES, original gameboy or such.

    If that vita tv ever makes it state side I'll have my P4 back as well.
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