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    Anyone else mad about Re: Coded?

    So I recently started playing through Re: Coded, and I absolutely LOVE it. Like, the team went all out with the game play and it's INCREDIBLY fun so far. But that's the thing. It seems like what made Re: Coded unique is it's gameplay, and now they're just taking that away in 2.5. I feel like...
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    Trying to fully understand this forsaken game

    Alright, as much as I love this game, it's extremely complicated. I've been trying to fully understand everything in this game. So, here's the first thing I just can't understand: Xemnas tells Sora that The Grid is the original version of the Tron that Ansem created. If that's true, then the...
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    What music remasters are you looking forward to?

    I'm just going on the assumption that Square is doing remasters for this too, it only makes sense. I generally really liked 1.5's remasters, although there were a few tracks I wasn't a fan of... (Sora's sacrifice, for example... it just didn't sound right IMO) That being said I'm extremely...
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    Anyone feeling a little nervous about KH3?

    Ever since I heard the Osaka team is gonna work on KH3, I've just had this nervous feeling in the back of my head that KH3 isn't gonna be what I expect. I mean, the game is definitely going to be good, but in my opinion this is supposed to be THE pinnacle of the series: Story in general as...