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  • fucking love family guy, that futurama & boondocks. What else you watch besides fam guy?
    lol wow, but it was really borring and i wasnt paying any attention to it at all
    but family guy's new episode was about the play "and then there were none"
    well we did this play called bus stop and they r doing a play called and then there were none(ten little indians)
    um well we were studying acting and then we did our scenes with our partners, then we did storytelling and we had to make up our own fairy tell, now we were reading a play but we now have to pic a scene from it and act it out on stage... today lol
    Tell me bout theatre, i always thought about taking it but never went through with it, to late now lol.
    i would love earth and space science since i love the universe

    but i would freaking hate weightlifting ugh lol
    Hmm maybe, that sounds Evangelion enough lol. But then again maybe shinji did all this in an instant and evangelion took a two point dimensional rift, the ruined world, and the new world. My assumption was kaworu just being the dmi-god like entity he is lol. Honestly when I saw EOE the first time I never even took the time to think abotu how long after the event took place had the end of the movie occured then I realized reis face, which I assume half rotted, but then I thought maybe it just did that on it's way down, but to this day I'm still changing my opinion on the timeframe of EOE XD.

    Sounds like a plausable theory of yours it would make sense on a lot of things.
    LOL The only Asuka times I actually like is when she's freakishly nice and kind to shinji, the rest of the time she's like, um just shut up woman please?

    I didn't notice that at all honestly.
    I'm honestly such a Fan, in Phantasy Star Portable 2 I used Shinji's plugsuit for a while until it just made my character look weird XD, but I still weild Longinus. I pushed sega of america suggestions many many times to make an Eva 01 costume for CASTs, the robot characters, but obviously it wasn't pressed and demanded enough XD
    Most recent watched Rebuild 2.2, most recent read Gakuen Datenroku. I never read the original Manga, as I've yet to find it, btu I did watch the end of evangelion as well as the original Neon Genesis, I still hgave cruel angels thesis burned into my skull XD.

    Right now I think Mari is just there, for like the secret agent, badass girl who coincidentally ends up in the pervy wank-off to poses, so right now I think shes there for the nerds and young teens to wank to.
    I hated Asuka at first until I understood her situation, when you think about it she's really alone, and she doesn't know any other way so she makes people hate her so they can't abandon her, but deep inside she wants to reach out to someone else... kinda like half the kids in Evangelion, except she takes an aggressive approach. I mean I don't think it would be psychologically easy for everyone if tyheir mom mistook a doll for their child after a fereak accident and said who is that doll when looking at their 4 or 5 year old daughter.
    LOL Yeah i admit rei is quite the Loli If she were real, I'm sure dudes would be lining up, like even if no one knew what Eva was XD. Then again saim for Mari, I'd say Asuka too but we all know she would bitch them away lol.
    And its Tabris, I think he's awesome, but to think originally his pet cat was supposed to be his Angel half and they would like join to bhecome his angel form, that by itself woulda been badass, but I'm glad they left it that way. I was playing BBS But after finally fully wacking the game in about a week and a half, I went back to finish my older PSP games.
    english 4- i have a 99 in there so far but we have to do a stupid paper on beowolf and hunger game
    theatre- ugh not so well i have a good grade in there but ugh its just fustrating
    chemistry- lowest grade 74
    world history- okay i guess
    communication application- good
    costume design- good its only 3 of us and i cant sew to save my life lol
    math- which i dont like
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