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  • U should soon. Ever since I got a job at Wendy's 2 people have come in looking for a job and got sent away. Everybody is looking for work. How far are u on Days?
    Thats a good one.I like Heather too. I am going to bed now.I have work in 6 hours :p.or 7,but I have to be up in 6. Goodnight. :)
    I am playing Echoes of time atm but I did not play much today.I felt tired after getting of work and was not in the mood
    I eventually decided to make it my goal to do as many card breaks as possible as quick as I could to activate it asap and just walk through the boss's. I thought it was cool to fight replica cause it looks like he uses the same dive down over and over attack so it was actually cool to get caught in it by him cause it was like he was dishing out the same stuff u were.A even match
    I liked Re CoM a lot for the boss fights. Dark Riku mode made it was to easy though.Even Ansem got owned by it.It would be a normal fight till I went dark mode and then it was own in style till the fight was over.I would win the duels,use my slights,and just own. I had Vexen dazed and was just wailing on his back with just normal card attacks and he never recovered.I took off 3 bars of his health that way to beat him. I kept using sleights on replica Riku during the second fight with him.the one where u have to dive down on the boss over and over and time hitting triangle each time to keep it going.I kept using that to take him down
    Once I had a decent amount of magic I stopped bringing potions all together.I did not bring any attack magic.during the final fights I brought all the elixirs I had though which was five.I only wound up using one when my magic got low
    I wished there was more character boss's in that game.I like fights against other characters especially when its personal.Oh well,at least theres one near the end.How many cure and cura spells do u take with u? I had like 12 cura's and like 21 cures and 3 curaga's.I did not like the latter cause u have to stay in a ring while it heals up and its not that helpful for boss fights imo.
    U just kill all those tentacle things around the field and it will drop for a short time once all are dead.I thought of killing all but one so I'd have less to deal with but I decided it was easier for me to do it my way and make it collapse so I did not risk getting hit bad.I never had much health cause of my low levels but I had a auto life.I did not want to risk losing my auto life or my life using hit and run against it.I always hated losing my auto life early in a boss fight especially if its preventable but they just hit me before I heal in time >_<
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