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    You do have to complete Atlantica and 100 Acre Wood to see it and its after all the credits and right before the THE END screen where you have to reset.
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    Kh2 reality show.

    Its the Ansem Retorts. go to www.analogpaladins.com and go to the comics it is the first one.
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    Does Zanetusken work ob bosses?

    Marluxia dies in com and is only in kh2's opening movie.
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    best and Worst team partners and summons in KH1 AND 2

    Stitch sucked. Genie was great (use Final Genie)
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    Kingdom hearts2

    I would male Konoha a world and naruto is in your party and you can drive with him and be demon fox Sora!!!!!
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    need some tips for godness of fate cup

    If you can Knocksmash. I did weeks ago and it was easy to me. Oh and trinity limit, you can use it alone.
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    Cameo Appearences you wish appeared in KH2.

    Vincent, Kakashi and Naruto,
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    A Question About The World That Never Was!

    When you hear Riku whistling he opens a dark passage so pluto runs through it. Yes, the whistling is Riku.
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    Armax Code Thread

    You can play as Roxas. The 6 days in TT.
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    This has already been posted. Look it up next time.
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    Enigmatic Man!!!!!!!

    It is definately Xemnas, he is the one with the sabers.
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    Why are some of my worlds red, yellow and bright yellow?

    No the battle level tells how hard the world is.
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    favorite part character/limit attack

    My favorites are Jack's Dance Call for the finale and Eternal Session.
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    Xehanort is the Shadow

    Xehanort is still alive in Riku.
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    Thats the KH2 Secret Ansem reports btw. One of them has Ansem telling the names of his 6 apprentices Xehanort thru Ienzo.