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  • We will sink the ship by lighting the fuel half way through the trip then while everyone is panicking break a hole into the boat. Then I will use the shadows to get us out of there.
    Dude i'm naturally evil. And really we don't need sean at all the way we're going.
    But Firaga can work. or we can open up the lid put a rope in the fuel then light the rope on fire
    well it depends 'cause the good guys tried to kill me before. And they need to defeat Sin and to do that they need every aeon so this rp is a long one.
    Well really it would be two against one and I can make us move fast as shadowa
    I think sean is a bad guy but wants to get rid of Sin. So we may have to fight him later in the roleplay.
    Cool Chris just said that this boat runs on an engine not chocobo we can blow it up with fire or lightning
    Why don't you check out my turn. BTW sean uses a thing that makes him appear offline.
    well I have allready posted his dramatic ending. And you can ask sean if he can help.
    And i think Chocobos actually are the fuel. Like they run on wheel things to keep the boat moving
    yeah but we can wait they shouldn't take too long though hopefully sean helps us with the boat 'cause his character has extroadinary strength
    And if they amazingly find us on the boat just run off then blow a hole through the middle.
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