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    I wonder why DS's face hasn't been reveiled yet unlike the others...

    I never thought about that and you could be right Master Xehanort's and Dark Soldier's keybades both have eyes on them as does Riku's Soul Eater and Way to the Dawn.
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    help me?

    u should look at th evideos and get some tips from them.
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    How did the Organization know what Namine's power was?

    thats a good question, i honestly don't know, maybe nobody's can sence other nobody's abilities.
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    My Theory

    Well we all know that the next game will take place in the past and that the Soldiers names are Terra, Aqua, and Ven(tus). Im goin to refer to the bald guy as Xehanort. In the first video it shows Terra standing on a giant creature that he probly just defeated and then they all gather and walk...