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  • i should find whoever called St. Anger an emo album so i can beat them down xD
    and you're right, Cyanide was VERY repetitive. my favorites for that album were definitely The Unforgiven III, Broken Beat and Scarred, and The Day That Never Comes.

    even though the Unforgiven III didn't sound like the other 2 at all, i still thought the lyrics and overall sound of it were really good
    It happens, I can only close my threads and give negative rep. Thats all there is for "premium members".
    meh, Frantic sounded a little repetitive to me (not to mention the tin snare drum was particularly noticeable)
    i don't know about you, but i was REALLY impressed w/ Death Magnetic. it sounded very similar to Justice imo. =)
    hell yes! ^^
    the Four Horsemen, No Remorse, and Metal Militia were amazing.
    Sandman and Sad But True are also pretty damn good =)

    although, one of my absolute favorite songs would have to be The Unnamed Feeling (yes, i know St. Anger was mostly terrible, but this is definitely one of their best)
    Well, I like a lot of music, except rap and all this mainstream pop bullshit. I used to be into stuff like SlipKnoT but I kind of went into metal, and at the time I was going out with a guy who was a huge Metallica fan, so that's where the liking came from. I don't really listen to a LOT of Metallica as I can't really withstand anything right now apart from piano and Spanish guitar, but I do have their albums on one CD, yes, and their documentary film. James is just a bonus. :)
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