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  • I've already explained it to you in my previous message. Let me revise it in a poor man's version. Ahem.

    1. Go on this thread.

    2. Rename it like I said. To whatever "Leonhart54's Gaming Videos" (Go on the section it is posted on, double click the title)
    3. Take all your previous videos, and add them to the thread on the same post via Edit Post button.
    4. Post all your videos on that thread for now on, on a weekly basis.
    5. For each post/update you make. It should have about a written basis uve' what you said in the video and spark a discussion on the thread.
    6. Talk to the community in varety uve' threads that they have posted. This is a give and take, not take and take.

    Again, from a critic standpoint your videos are very Generic. There have been already millions uve' Top 10 videos with the exact games you enlisted from other people. Nothing special other than your voice. <3
    Word uve' advice.

    If you are going to update your videos in the creative media section. I suggest you should create just one thread. That said thread will be where you will post updates and your thoughts uve' your videos. Not just a link to your video and nothing else. That is considered spamming which is a rule on these forums. Just saying a few words will not cut it either. This isn't tumblr, reddit, or pinterest.

    You have so far created nine threads with little to none replies, where only one thread you have that was popular was one involving Kingdom Hearts, which fits the demographic uve' this site. I have also noticed that the only threads you have posted in were yours. Someone who participates solely just by posting 3rd Party material that isn't related to KHinsider, and does not socialize with the community, will usually be looked on as a Advertiser trying to look for publicity for their own gain.

    For example. My Stories I have been writing.

    Esprit' Frame

    It's just one story that will be posted in parts in the same thread. It fits all rules. It's only on this site, no external clicking, it does not dominate others writings, and I do not go to other forums and pester them on leaving their site to go on to this one to read it. I'm also not posting parts way to fast. If that were the case, what I would like to call The Pewdiepie effect would cause readers to stop reading from how much they have to keep up. So I usually post maybe once or twice a month. It gives me more time to make quality writings, and personal free time.

    Your thread name will be highlighted bold anytime a new post has been added by you or someone else. You can also double click the thread name when you are on the sections page to rename your threads. The Staff, Moderators, and Admins do not like self promoting threads that lead to another site. Let alone with prizes that aren't affiliated with KHinsider.

    You're cluttering the forums man! We don't want you banned! <3
    Thanks a ton for this message and I apologize if I have broken any rules. Could you please let me know the proper way to make a single thread for my work? Thanks again for the very nice comments!
    Hey there! I've been on the forum for a long time and so I hope I can speak for the community as well as the general policies of the place in this message. Your videos are great! They're well-curated and you've got a heavenly voice to match, and I wish you all the success on YouTube.

    That said, KHI isn't your personal soapbox to broadcast your content with a new thread for every thing you churn out. If it were a rare, or once-off thing, then it would be totally fine. But I can see that you're hoping to be a producer of regularly-released content. People who write a lot on here generally make a specific thread dedicated to their works, and post their new and updated stuff there. Similar for people who draw or practice graphic design. It might be a good idea to do similar on KHI.

    While your work is good, few people like tabbing over to a sub-forum and seeing the topics dominated by a single user. That, and it would help to dispel the notion that you're on the forum just to advertise your YouTube channel, since advertising-profiles usually end up banned if their infringements aren't rectified.
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