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Recent content by ~Lenya~

  1. L

    ~:l The Timmy Fanclub!!xD l:~

    It had to be done +__+ Timmy from Elorah's fic, "Good Day,Mary-Sue" one of the funniest fics Ive ever read xD READD ITTTTTTT :3 Join nowww Members: ~Lenya~ Sonja~Soulheart Elorah ShadowRikuRising WerewolfNobody Seasalt IceCream FishBox
  2. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    lol 8D Im guilty OuO yeay xD This is probably on of the funniest chappies so far xD;; My gawsh Timmy ai shi teruuuuuu @_@ ITS BEEN DONE
  3. L

    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Hes evil?!?!?!?!?!?O________o ZOMG p.s: great chappie as usual xD;;
  4. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    Erhhh hes just being nice!!!>8D I know it!!! .... lol xD .... ._.;;
  5. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    lol yes xD He should really get an fc,Id totally join xD And erhh thatll be really nice,but I dont wanna trouble you >__< ;
  6. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    lol xD xD xD That was really funny @w@ @w@ @w@ Poor Timmy though OuO ;; Timyyy D: Mary-Sue has cracked xD ;; Sonja's lucky to have her character in this chappie +__+
  7. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    lol xD yeayy!!Its Timmy!! xD I like the way you put your own name in it like that lol xd And also glad Timmy said no =w= Heheheheh
  8. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    lol xD What a drama queen xD Timmy ish so cool though +_+
  9. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    Achhhh oh noes!!Riku!!!! xD ;;; No!Im sure he doesnt like her!!Im sure :/ Nice writing as usual btw! xD Humorous as usual too xD
  10. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    lol xD really awesome chappie!! @w@ I couldnt help feeling jealous at this part though: xD good job anyhoo :3
  11. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    Wooohhh really awesome chapters!!xD Luckily Sora is just being nice to her... =w= right?right??........... xD lol love your writing and sense of humour OuO
  12. L

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    Wowww its really interesting :D Had no idea it was a KH story at all xD I hope she doesnt touch MY MAN though >w> And I had absolutely no idea you were such a great writer O___o
  13. L

    The Sonja~Soulheart Fanclub!!OwO

    This is a fanclub for Sonja~Soulheart!!She deserves it sooo much @w@ Why she deserves one: 1.She is really one of the most awesomest anime artists you will ever meet!!Her Website 2.She is soo nice and always keeps her promises @w@ 3.A really great writer o.o 4.Has an awesome sense of...
  14. L

    Fanfiction ► Within boundaries

    Ooooh really awesome chapter!OwO I never guessed the guy was Scythe O_O
  15. L

    Fanfiction ► The New Organization

    Wahhh you made Shiruix more playful than I thought her to be O////////o Awesome chappie though XD Cant wait for the next :3