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  • Not a Creed fan myself. Alter Bridge is far better. They have a much better singer and the other band members actually really get to show their talent (i.e. Mark, the lead guitarist, plays a ton of guitar solos in Alter Bridge)

    Myles Kennedy, the singer, also plays rythym guitar and he's also going to be the vocalist for Slash's solo band on tour. There's an awesome cover of Sweet Child o' Mine with Slash on guitar that's in the FC. >:D
    I haven't looked much into the original anime, save for Conqueror of Shamballa. XD
    Meh. I'd still have FMA over Bleach any day. And I'd rather those than Naruto.
    Not really; the filler arcs are pieces of sh*t, save for the last one and even that one got boring after a while.

    The thing with Kubo is that he's been adding on a lot of fights that take too long and deal very little to the plot. Also, he's made several characters hax machines (particularily Aizen. DX)
    I know right, at least Nomura is trying to get it out year by year( somewhat a bad idea but he has other series to work on), but bleach came out in what 2001 and now its 2010. and it doesnt seem like it hasnt gotten far. since it came out.

    since this is the case, then the anime is lucky to have filler sagas, to keep it in the spot light.
    I always preferred the manga to the anime. But now the manga is just taking way too long and far too much retconning for my personal liking (and people give Nomura a hard time about doing that... DX)
    Somewhat, yeah. Nowhere near as much I used to. The plot's really getting irritating now. :C
    D8 Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond. And that's because that's the Bond Ian Fleming (the creator and author of the James Bond novel and series) envisioned. Seriously, Sean Connery is the best movie Bond, but Daniel Craig is the best Ian Fleming's James Bond.
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