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  • Cool O.O I wanna see XD...lolz ummmm I need more coffee >.<....*goes to get another cup*
    coolies =)...mmm my last picture dat I had in mind to draw was of all the Org. XV members with a small hint of their powers in one big pic. =P...but the idea was postponed until I got bak full charged x)
    coolz =) , mind if I ask what's the pic's idea ^ ^? lolz I usually draw too =) but recently my drawing began to suck >.<...I consider it like a writer's block or something XD so I'm takin' a rest ^ ^
    yep =), an ownage system if u ask me x) since I get to have the whole day as a rest without having to open a single book =P...it puts my brain at rest at least and I cud catch my breath ^ ^
    wow dats a really amazing combination =)..I'm getting images again in my head XD lolz

    well my exams are all in the same exact time from 12 to 2 pm whih means I can go home and have a decent rest for da whole day as well ^ ^ but a really straining morning when I revise before I enter the exam >.<
    lolz yea XD...it kinda reminded me of a scene in a movie =P and I kept imagining the festival's booths as the wonderful shops in diagon alley lolz yea my brain could be really weird XD

    yea I don't like revision sessions either >.<...especially when they're after the exams -usually when there's an exam coming the next day- , I can't concentrate well and I fall asleep lolz can't help it >.<...A one on one chat with my teachers is nearly impossible since they usually poof just after the class is over XD. *they're eeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll* x)
    and posted =) .....and wow >.<...dat looks like a pain >o< ...I hope you beat'em x)...we're meant to survive those killing exams XP
    mine ends on the 11th and will be more frequent >.<...which is why I won't be on dat much as I do now T.T....but I'll be able to have a lovely 3 months vacation after dat which ish awesooooooooooome XD
    Coolish ^ ^ , I wish my sales exam was dat esy to pass >.<...*secretly curses the professor* x) but lolz I wish exams wud end soon.=) I miss Summer vacation soooooo much XD
    sweet X) , I hope you did well on da xam ^ ^ , I ish good =) , just checking things out an' posting , and enjoying slowly and tremendously my cup of coffee x) lolz
    I know! me too... This is my first RP so I'm sorry if Im not all that great at it. lol But I'm excited about doing it! I gotta go. I'll post again later. XD
    umm.....how do I get there? Where is that thread?? I'm not so great at finding them.
    *edit* nevermind! *Found and post*
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