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    How do I learn sleights from Riku's Storyline?

    well u see the question.... how? I only have 3 sleights..... Dark Aura, Dark Break and Dark Firaga..... and ive been hearing that there are more sleights to learn..... so anybody got the answer? HOLLA BACK PEOPLE!
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    Hey has anyone seen this anime??? I think its really cool... the battles in here are cool...The story of the alter users in the lost ground and everything .... what do u guys think?
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    Fanfiction ► Blinded (THIS IS THE LAST TIME I POST THIS!)

    Hey I love the story... but i forgot where I was and I dont want to read all over again so I'll juss tell u that u should write a book someday when u get older.... I Love the story!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Blinded (THIS IS THE LAST TIME I POST THIS!)

    Hey DH...your fics are fabulous....cant wait for the next chapter.... have u ever thought of a being a writer someday??? Or you could write books about KH....!!