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    Gameinformer reviews KH2.8 - Critical Mode in 0.2 is unlockable, lengthy scene ties into KH3

    I'm actually shocked to see a decent review from Game Informer. With that being said, I am curious as to how the final scene plays out in 0.2. Also happy to see a better reaction for DDD this go round.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Off Screen Gameplay from TGS 2016

    Holy hot Terra batman! Props to the dev team for the awesome improvements in lighting!
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue English TGS Trailer & Release Date!

    The trailer is GORGEOUS! 0.2 may just surpass my every expectation and then some. I am excited for Back Cover as well because it looks like we may get answers (and more questions.) And finally, who's SoundCloud do I need to raid to get this Simple and Clean edm mix, so that I can blow out my...
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Screenshots and Info

    I woke up to what I can only describe as Christmas for me! My only worry is .2 and how good an Aqua centric game can be. Other than that, I am absolutely stoked at all of the KH info we've been receiving this year.
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    Not new, but I have returned home once again.

    After quite a long hiatus from the forums due to work and life, I am back to the first forum I have ever called home. I have been keeping up with the the development of KH3, but no other place is a good enough news source compared to the greatness that is KHI!
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    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    I really enjoyed Necho Cat! That was by far the cutest thing I have seen in quite a while.
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    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    Like less than 10 minutes short if you don't run around using flow motion for 5 minutes. (hard not to have fun with it.)
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Nimoy to reprise MX! Panettiere As Xion! I've gotta give HJO credit, his voice is deep as hell but he is still able to pull it off through sheer energy. Also Neku's voice is PERFECTION!!
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    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    I had a ball with the demo! I was seriously sad when it ended, then again it is really short. Flow Motion took a few minutes to get used to but it is a wonderful addition to the game. I can say that I won't need the extra circle pad for this just for the simple fact that I have been replaying...
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    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release Im going to completely pay on my MoM edition, so physical copy it is. I'm not exactly a big fan of digital downloads.
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    KH 3D mentioned in XPlay's Countdown of the Best of E3

    bwahahaha! But yeah I am shocked that they lost out to Mario as well.
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    KH 3D mentioned in XPlay's Countdown of the Best of E3

    It's mentioned in the best of handheld section. X-Play's Best of E3 2012 Winners Announced! - G4tv.com
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    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    Youtube comments always depress me, for the simple fact that none of them bother to research ANYTHING. Anywho, thanks for the coverage gang!
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    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I always had an issue with dropping in the middle of a fight and coming back with little to no health. The idea was terrifying. Im glad they fixed that though. I'm pretty sure they won't final mix this one.
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    Do you have questions for the team from KHI that went to E3?

    -Did you get any hands on time with the Wii-u? If so how were the graphics compared to the current gen consoles? -Did you get to see anything extra about Beyond? If so what is your impression of it? -Was there any extra information on The Last of Us? -Did Spock hi-jack the Wandanyan plushie?