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Recent content by Kyeblademaster25

  1. K

    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got it March 29th. I beat the game three days after. It was so much fun! I can't wait for the next one. I must grow levels to beat Sephiroth now.... he's tough. (understatement of the year)
  2. K

    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I now have the game! and I have beaten it! It was so much fun! Sora definitly is a lot stronger in this game, but sephiroth is better also -_- I must grow levels!
  3. K

    roxas or sora

    Sora is the coolest!
  4. K

    Less appealing?

    I kind of agree, they released info on KH2 way to early. When I heard about KH2 I went really crazy and had KH2 on my mind for a "VERY" long time but after awhile I got tired of hearing the same old news about it and I just now revisited to find out if they got anything new but everybody is...
  5. K

    who would win in a catfight?kairi or namine

    Umm... why would they be fighting in the first place? I mean they're both the good girls!
  6. K

    holy crap its jack sparrow

    Undead pirates isn't realistic...
  7. K


    Not to sound stupid or anything but who's Em?
  8. K

    holy crap its jack sparrow

    Pirates of the Carribean is Disney! And we know from E3. Oh there is also no way Square could mess up...:D
  9. K

    Where are the creatures of light?

    Hey keybladeHitokiri I think the Unknowns are the path in between, Like that grey hue thats in the middle ya know?
  10. K

    Who Would Win Bhkvs Sora?

    SORA, ALL THE WAY! Sorry to those BHK fans but I like Sora better.
  11. K

    Fragment Theory

    Intresting Theory, but I think Sora is the true Keybladmaster. Why? Because in KH a voice keeps talking to Sora like this... "You are the one who will open the door"
  12. K

    Who would win in a fight?

    In a huge arena with 10 fighters... The 10 fighters being... 1.Riku 6.Axel 2.Sora 7.Ansem 3.Mickey 8.Marluxia 4.Auron 9.Mr.Incredble 5.Cloud 10.BHK (even though we haven't seen him FIGHT yet) I Honestly think Mickey would win(even though I want Sora or Axle to Win!) So, who...
  13. K

    Hey someone look at this!

    Basic info that we all know... It comes out this year 2005.
  14. K

    Offical RHG thread

    My personal opinion is that it's Kairi because she"is" at Destiny Island,she has red hair and in the Jump Festa trailer she's waiting at the same spot on the beach where Kairi was in the ending of KH. Also in the trailer you see Selphie talk to her. In my opinion she probably is trying to...
  15. K

    Unknown theory

    I can't beleive that ,because Mickey and Riku are unkowns also and they don't have"x" in their names.