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  • How tomorrow is tomorrow? It's already Thursday in Japan and we don't know how long it will take to ship the item. Oh my gosh, I must sound really rushing it. I'm sorry!

    How did you get all those Mythril Shards? Currently there aren't any missions carrying them as rewards. Orichalcums, I already have a few, and I know that you can get Mythril Shards from the moogle trade shop, but if possible I don't want to spend too many medals yet because I'm saving for that Pete SR+ card.
    That's cool. Just try to inform me not too long after you find out, okay? I really want you to get this ring while there's an opportunity. Ring sizes only come in one global version, right? It's not like shoe sizes where there's 42, 43, 44, and somewhere else there's 7, 7 1/2, 8, and so on, right?

    By the way, I've shared my method of Lux hunting in the thread that you posted your question in. I hope it helps, although vets would probably... no, will come up with better advice. XD And what Keyblade are you using and where did you get it? It looks like Starlight, but more ornate.

    And did you see that? You were on Chi at 11pm just now, right? It's so evil of them to do server maintenance just before LUT ends and while the blue Trickmaster showed up! Our team had bad timing...
    Okay, first things first: I hope you notice this message while you're still online. Is the ring not in the physical store itself? If it isn't, find out your ring size as soon as you possibly can, because we'll need to cater for the shipping time. Also, give alternatives; you can say that they have a lot, but there's no guarantee that the size you're interested in is in stock. Slightly bigger rings can be worn on slightly bigger fingers, and the other way around applies as well.
    Yeah, there's a guide. There's also the translations for the dialogues and story descriptions on the main site, if it interests you. Also, this 3 million Lux a week policy... I'm not sure if I can also accomplish this. Even with the Lux Up times, I doubt I can net that much by the end of the week, especially considering that my cards and Keyblade are still weak.

    If it's really troubling you, let's not talk about depressing things like animal cruelty. It doesn't help that I have Nat Geo Wild playing on my TV, and I don't want to picture those animals suffering from what we stupid humans do. Let's talk about snowball fights, considering that you've got several feet of snow. XD

    By the way, I've just got words from a friend who stays in Japan that he will return home. If you'd tell me your ring size, I might be able to ask him to buy it so that I can ship it over to you. Fun, huh? But are you certain that the size will be there?
    The Darkballs appear in the final mission of each world, those male offspring of female hyenas. I only managed to kill one out of too many of them, and that's even not without spending more than 75% of my AP because of their cheap one-shot kills. -_-

    Well, what I always think is that once captured, they will end up that way anyway, so I'd rather respect them by not wasting them as food and thus letting their "sacrifice" be for nothing. And it's not like they are endangered species, so stuff like steamed lobster, chopped live octopus, or foie gras (despite their controversial method of preparation) is nothing when compared to the likes of shark fin soup or those traditional medicine materials made of ground rhino horn, elephant tusk powder, or whatnot. Thinking about that makes me sad and mad at the same time, you see, knowing that endangered species are being hunted and poached for something that has no concrete proof of being effective at all.

    It wasn't when it was shipped here. It was when I was travelling... I had to run my bag through the X-ray scanner and that was when it happened, but that's alright. I still have the Dusk, Meow Wow, and Flood ones, and until the Shadow has gone completely missing, I'll still display it on my trusty bag.

    By the way, I heard that some areas in the US are expecting heavy snowstorms. I don't know if your area will be affected, but either way, try to stay safe, you hear? If the weather has become noticeably inclement, try not to stay outdoors for too long.
    I hope so. I really do. I need more R+ cards and up. Hopefully the cards we can get from next week's missions are good cards as well. But even with those cards I still doubt I can defeat those stupid blasted Darkballs...

    No, no. What I meant is that the octopus won't be chopped only until you are ready to eat it. Once you are, then off goes the knife, and because of reflex mechanisms, the tentacles will still be flailing and squirming about, and that's when you're supposed to eat the morsels. Really, it's not unlike when a lizard snaps its own tail.

    Actually it started with action figures. :p And I'm waiting for that Meowjesty! My Shadow got caught between steel bars on the airport when going through the security screening and one of its legs went missing. T_T
    I'm in the party, but not yet in the team (which is the RB group). I should be next week, though, considering that my Lux count is not zero. That should do it, right?

    I can't be blamed if you decided to look it up, now can I? :p And there's actually a reason to believe that invertebrates can feel pain, too, since it's not the vertebral column that gives vertebrates the ability to feel pain. It's the nervous system, and almost every animal has it. Octopuses are no exception, especially considering that it's the most complex and intelligent being among all invertebrates.

    Does it help if I tell you that two of the methods used in preparing lobster is to boil or steam it while it's still alive? What makes it even more gruesome is that as a result of water vapour escaping from its exoskeleton, it makes a soft hissing sound in the process of preparation.
    Yeah, I have. Now I have 80 AP, which is sweet. And leadership skills...? I believe so... hehe.

    Oh come now. Where on earth is "Wherever I am right now"? I've never heard of that before and I'm 200% positive that I won't even find it in the maps, or the maps of recorded history, or the maps of things yet to be. I live in the capital city of the country where traffic happens to be perpetually heavy, but as citizens, that is our daily bread and we have to withstand the pressure and stress of being on the streets. So yeah, it's no big deal, other than the amount of time wasted on our way to our destination.

    Do you know that in Korea, some people eat live octopus? When the poor creature is still alive, they have the tentacles chopped into tiny bits and they eat them, still squirming and sucking. There's always the danger of getting suffocated due to the tentacles sticking onto your throat.
    Come and play, and yeah, I'm in Vulpes. I have this fondness of foxes, see.

    Buddy, my location is below my avatar! I can't believe you don't see it while it has been there all along! XD Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, the largest one at that. You won't miss it when you take a look at the map because of its unique shape as an archipelago. China, on the other hand, is in East Asia, the same region as Japan and the two Koreas, though they are more westerly.

    And that's it, it's balut. I'm okay with images, but probably not so when faced with the real thing. I can't imagine eating a fowl embryo like that... I mean, the beak, talons, and feathers have all developed, right? Don't they choke you?
    Well, I went "What the heck" and finally tackled those level 60 Heartless and guess what? They were a walk in the park. I was only level 30 and my damage output was higher than what they could dish out before wiping me out. A nice bonus was that they gave out a decent amount of EXP. I guess it's thanks to my sufficiently leveled-up cards.

    If you ever come to visit me (which I doubt given the sheer distance and unappealing airfare), trust me, I'm going to take you to various places to try wondrous foods, foods you've never even heard of before. Not all of them are even remotely close to what I mentioned in the last post, no need to worry. XD But I also have a limit, see... a few days back my friend posted on Facebook that he ate a duck embryo straight from the egg shell! I would never have the courage to go for such things.
    What racist? I meant to say that honesty and integrity are two things that many people in my country could really learn from others. If anything, I'm being racist against my own people, haha.

    Yeah, I just registered a few days back. I've been quite enjoying it so far, especially considering that it helps me kill my boredom... and the fact that it's a browser-based game means I can play anywhere as long as there are a laptop, a stable internet connection, and a power source. I've mainly been going on missions though, since to progress with the story I need to take out Heartless that are out of my league... like, come on, I'm just level 15 and I have to slay a number of level 60 Heartless? Nonsense. XD

    Yup, you did. You told me how food portions in the US are huge even for you, and you eat a lot. But I suppose I do love food more than you... and I've tasted some things that many probably don't know about. Have you tried preserved duck eggs? Or bone marrow soup? Or grilled rabbit meat? Or seagull nest drink? Exotic, aren't they? I know, the first time I came across those foods I was like, "The heck? Who even came up with the idea of eating these things?" :p
    Talking about all this won't change the fact that the Japan-exclusive merchandise is still exclusive to Japan. The next time you go to a convention in which KH and FF are exhibited, you can probably go ahead and share your concerns?

    And now you must think, "Why didn't I get it when it was still cheap?" Regret and hindsight always come hand in hand, buddy. I don't mind pins too much, because I know a guy who can make them. Of course they are imitations, but they suffice. The underlying point is that there's almost nothing that the people in my country can't imitate... except for probably honesty and integrity.

    And I know you love food. Didn't you tell me firsthand how you eat a lot? XD
    Probably you have said it yourself: they can only bring select merchandise. They wouldn't want to bring something to the US and back to Japan; they would want to bring things to US and money back to Japan, thus making profit. I do think though that they could do a market survey to gauge the interest of those in the Western world. That could be accomplished via the use of questionnaire asking what kind of product they want to see available in subsequent conventions, etc.

    I did see those pins. Practically every store that I came across sold them. They were quite nice, but I didn't buy any since I don't collect them. That, and also because pinning pins on my shirt or bag has become a thing of the past for me. I think if I were still, like, 12 or 13 years of age, I would have bought a good number of them. Besides, I doubt I would get involved in that pin trading community anyway, haha...

    And you know, when travelling, I rarely buy anything for myself besides food. When I went to the US, the only non-food items that I did buy for myself are a bottle of fabric freshener, a pair of flip-flops, and a Lego Architecture set. I'm the type of person who believes that the money would see better use when spent to fill my stomach. XD
    The problem is probably that there are not as many people in the Western world who will be proud in showing off their new KH iPhone case to the public as there are in Japan. Video gaming, manga, and anime has integrated themselves into the Japanese culture (and by culture, I mean lifestyle), and the Japanese have every reason to be proud of that fact. I think I once wrote something along this line in a thread here: nearly the only thing that Westerners know of video games are FPS games like CoD or Battlefield, and a number of them would just readily dismiss KH and other Japan-originated game as being childish because of the cartoon and non-realistic depictions of the characters as well as the story. I can't say that it's a fact, but I know that it's very observable.

    Haha, well, I guess we hold differing viewpoints. As for me, I use them as a channel to express my interest, which is why I showcase those figures in the living room of my house. Thus, when I receive guests, they will see and hopefully recognise them. Because it's a niche hobby, I aim to build the awareness to both the franchise and action figure collecting, and I'm pleased to know that some of my friends became interested in KH (and he had become a fan since then) and action figures through my "campaign".
    Well, they must have done some market research beforehand. From the results, it might be apparent that the interest in the franchise isn't as big overseas as it is in Japan, so from an economical vantage point it wouldn't be too profitable for them to distribute every single object that they have in the Japanese store to other countries. For online options, though, probably they're taking it step-by-step, as I myself couldn't fathom why there isn't any option to ship overseas since back-order or made-to-order items could be handled more easily than a walk-in store at the expense of a longer lead time.

    While less competition is true, that also means that the prestige of collecting KH stuff is also less than that of collecting franchises of hype. It isn't regarded as highly as those other franchises, so it becomes esoteric in nature in that could only be enjoyed by a very small, specific group of people who happen to have the same interest. It's a nice hobby in many parts of the world to be honest. Sadly that doesn't make these figures and all items of high value...
    Japan always does get the cr?me de la cr?me. Understandable, considering that it's the place where they came from. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Asia store holds only so much, not too different from the NA and EU stores.

    Heh, I'm not proposing to you, not in two lifetimes... so that won't be necessary. That would be a gift. If you were a girl, though, I would gladly play along, and I would also demand you to say "I do." XD

    Where I live? No chance, nope. KH products very rarely hit the shelves. Disney isn't as popular here as it is in the States. I've never heard of any store having official KH merchandise in stock, which is precisely why I have to order online. The Play Arts series aren't all that popular either; their presence is largely overshadowed by that of the Figma line of figures, which mostly depicts anime, instead of video game, characters. Sad, but true...
    What my SE store? As far as I know, there isn't any SE store in my country, or even anywhere in the Southeast Asian region for that matter. I'll see if I can order from the Japanese store, because that would be very convenient... but I suppose if you can't, I can't as well. And oh, dang, the physical store is in Shinjuku San-chome? That was one the locales I visited when I went to Japan last year! If I had known I would have gone there.

    Haha, that sounds about strange. Me, giving you a ring? That kind of escalated quickly, now, doesn't it...? I thought I would only give a ring to a girl I want to spend my life with... XD

    Alrighty then. Well, probably you should have asked your friend to buy more of those so you can resell them at a higher price! After all, it's not available anywhere outside Japan. :p
    Considering I'm going to Japan again some time, then I might make a stop in Tokyo and visit the store myself. It's easy to get around in Japan because of the extensive rail network, and once you get the hang of it, you'll find that it's convenient (that is, if it's not peak hours). It's probably more convenient than taking NYC's metro (I can say this because I have finally been to both places! Haha).

    If you don't need to put the stand back inside the plastic case, then why bother placing it back on? Just let it go~ let it go~ because it can't hold it anymore! Besides, it's not like the inner side of the back of the box is the main part of the display; it's going to be obscured by the flip-over front part of the box and nobody gets to see what the back look like, ever.

    It's "Bravely", by the way. :p And probably it doesn't relate to BD at all, because I couldn't seem to be able to dig anything of it out of Google. If your friend had taken a picture of it, I might have been able to tell what it is, haha.

    Okay then. Well, I've never actually used Paypal to directly wire money to someone else (I only ever did that via online merchants such as ebay, Amiami, or BBTS). But it shouldn't be that hard to find out how, right? I'd suppose all you need to do is enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer the money over to, state the sum, and just go.
    Ehh... I just realised that I forgot to specify the topic of the conversation. It was supposed to be that Sora mug, haha. Oh well, that's alright, I didn't have high expectations anyway considering that I only saw your VM hours after you posted it. Besides, I already have my own black-and-white mug, and I'm really fond of black-and-white patterns.

    The picture doesn't show up, but I think I know which kind of packaging you're talking of. Is it the one that the more recent Play Arts Kai figures come in? The stand is sealed in a case that sticks with the backing, and to get it out, you need to tear everything off. I haven't done it since I havent' found the need of the stand yet, but I probably will have to if I do in the future. Or is there any way that you can get the stand off without destroying the backing?

    I don't think there's anything called the Bravely Journal in BD. A quick Google search returned nothing either. Probably it's a copy of the journal that makes an appearance in the game? One of the characters does indeed chronicle the events during their travels in a book with a big D letter on its cover, so if that Bravely Journal thing has that letter as well, it's got to be a physical copy of that journal.

    Alright, just tell me when you need it. Dang, does it mean I'll have to give you my phone number as well? Oh well... it's not like you're going to use it for anything stupid... right? Right? Right.
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