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  • Then you'd better save it for yourself. We already know what will happen if you talk about this topic with me. XD Besides, I'm your buddy and not your psychologist, and I'm no love doctor, so... yeah.

    I know, right? Sometimes I feel like my efforts in HPing the R+ cards will go to waste, but after all it has to be done if I want to upgrade my deck... and yeah, it's too bad the cards we get by trading in medals aren't boosted... and if you want to do it, probably you should do it fast because there's no telling if the cards to trade in for will or will not change after the shop reset around a day and a half from now.

    Say, how would you like to take over my Chi account for a short while? Within the next few days, there will be a period of time where I won't be able to access Chi and miss out on the LUT. Blu is busy with someone else's account so she isn't able to help me...
    Do a few days feel like forever to you? Be careful, that might be a symptom of withdrawal syndrome. Perhaps you should confide it to one of your five psychologists during your next visit. :p

    Well, we don't know how long this WtP event is going to last, so might as well get some while they are still up for grabs. I got some neat ones, like Owl SR and Eeyore SR. I went nuts and HPed the Owl SR, and now it sits proudly on my deck while giving me 21k boost to my HP and 188% boost to my Lux gain. Aww yeah. As I said I don't care if it's a character that I don't like (not that I don't like WtP); as long as they are of good use, I'm cool. And with regards to Gargoyles, you're very welcome! I'm still diligently pursuing the missions. XD

    Aww, you really have the heart (or the lack thereof) to raise your gun against me? And POW? Oops, you missed me! Catch me if you can~ and no, I didn't mean "miss" as in "yearn for"... :p

    This game would work only if we were still 9 and 6 years old. Now, it's creepy. Haha.
    Oh, I'll just say what I usually say:

    Perception of romance is subjective. It's THEM who just won't accept this fact. Those people annoy the living daylight out of me.

    Have you spent your Kupo Nu - ahem, I mean Kupo Fruits? There's a new set of assist cards available and this time, the theme is Winnie the Pooh. I'm so happy I got myself an Owl SR and an Eeyore SR... my luck has never been this good when it comes to drawing from Raise Draw or Kupo Fruit Draw.

    Bouquets dealt 9 crits in a row? Wow, that... just sucks... I'm sorry to hear that. But you could take two crits, right? And by the way, there are two new event Heartless: L444 Gargoyle and L555 Morning Star. The Gargoyles don't seem to be able to inflict critical hits, but the Morning Star is said to deal 100k+ damage even without crits. They are among the Guilt Heartless as well, though the former is way more doable than the latter. I think I can help you with some Gargoyle Guilt while clearing their mission series.

    On an unrelated note... have you recovered from your heartbreak? HAHA. Dang, the conversation we had earlier on Skype was gold. XD
    Gosh, I freaking HATE shipping threads. They tend to boil down to shippers forcing their opinions down the throat of others by drawing dubiously tenuous "evidence" from the games AND have the guts to say that no doubt their ship is obvious. I did not hate shipping, I was indifferent to it, but those kinds of hopeless shippers really grind my gears and have since shifted my view on shipping toward the more negative side.

    Anyway, now that it has been taken care of... sorry, I felt the need to vent and I thought you share my sentiments, so...

    So you love scenery pictures, huh? Ah, if only I can show you some pictures of mine that I have taken during my travels! I'd really like to share some of them with you since probably you'd enjoy at least some of them. Let's see... how about this one? There's no way in this beautiful world that you don't know what this is.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Exactly, right? I'd prefer a more universally, readily interpretable and appreciable piece of art such as, like you said, scenery, or everyday items like those depicted in still life or portrait paintings. Probably that's why I appreciate photographs? That's not to say that there are abstract photographs, though... just take a look at this.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Eh, I don't understand abstract art. You give me a piece, and I'd wonder, what is this nose doing on the forehead? Why does this girl have three arms? How did this guy's private parts end up on his back? I can't for the life of me grasp the meaning behind them, it's beyond me. XD

    I'm using Starlight, but the bonuses are practically nonexistent: x1.2, x1.2, and x1.1. After all, it's only +3... and I'm looking to invest in Three Wishes. My deck consists of more than a few magic cards, so I might as well use a Keyblade that supports it. The card that you mentioned is Dark Riku, and yeah, it's no longer all that fantastic now that it's lost its boost. It will soon be retired and transformed into an SR medal... heheh.

    Speaking of which... haven't we got a LOT of Sora R+ and Riku R+ lately? I've HPed three Riku R+ and two Sora R+. However... that means I'm depending exceedingly heavily on boosts and if I can't get myself good cards before they expire, I'd cry blood.
    That's the power of human mind. We are imbued with so much creativity and our conversations can get as complex a manner as they can get. What's next, philosophy? Religion? Politics? XD

    I now have 40k+ HP (the maxed-out Clarabelle gives a 14k boost) and yay, at times I can survive even two critical hits from the Bouquet. It always takes me four turns though because my critical bonus is just 1.2x, practically next to nothing. I've done a few trading-in; I HPed a Goofy R+ and recycled it into, uh, I think Kairi. I have just HPed my Sora SR, but I'm not recycling it because of the wondrous damage output. I'd probably give up my HPed Repliku if I have to choose. XD
    That couldn't have been any truer! Might as well spend the money for something better or more useful... although in the end, nothing really matters; only your life and how you have lived it do. Oh wait, when did we get so deep?

    I haven't tried my hands on any Bouquet ever since that Great Upgrade... but with my current HP I think I can survive at most 2 critical hits in a row (one tends to take away 30k of my HP). Without critical hits, I should be able to take them down in one try, since last time I checked their normal hits only dealt 6-7k damage, and currently I have 40k+ HP. ^_^ It all will go downhill once the boosts start expiring, though... so it might be of my best interest to quickly find replacements for those boosted cards in advance.
    Or Potions. I wish there were infinite Potions! And I'm glad that there's actually a slim chance for me to defeat the Bouquets in just one try. For it to happen, though, it must not land a critical hit at all, and it's all up to the RNG. It seems that it hates me, and the feeling is mutual. -_-

    So... everything else, we have talked about it on Skype, it seems. XD
    More AP means more Heartless to kill before you burn it all, so it's always good. I want 100 AP... :( And yeah, that's really frustrating. On a bad battle, it can land THREE critical hits in a row, which means I need to use four turns. That's just unfair. Luckily lately I have been randomly able to survive critical hits because I had leveled up my assist cards, but still... as I said, it's random.

    I rarely use Ethers because of those BP assists. I still do, but I don't have a hard rule on when to use them; it's just if I feel like it. I try to at least always online for the 2-hour LUT, because the time is convenient for me: 8pm to 10pm. It's a good time to hoard up Lux, indeed. You saw for yourself yesterday that you could net up to 70,000 a battle, right? That's exactly where you should help others in BP and they will most certainly help you back.

    So is this a confirmation? If it is, you can tell me where to ship the item to (via PM or Skype, of course). I will also give you my email address so that you can transfer money to me via Paypal (which I have found out to be easy).
    Ahh, that's too bad... we certainly could always use extra AP. 50 is really restrictive, and even I still think that 81 (which is how much I have right now) still is, too, especially when Creep Bouquets keep one-shotting me with their critical hit. The heck?

    I myself am still amazed at how much Lux I managed to hoard this past week! I don't have any specific strategy for it; just equip assist cards that give you nice Lux accumulation boost, saving my BP for the LUTs and only frantically attack when a subspecies is present, and cooperate with other team members in assisting each other with BP. In addition, I had 9 out of 12 Guilts maxed out, and right now I always get a nice 155,170 x 4 (or x 5) damage boost, resulting in a good amount of Lux per battle. Just now, when I attacked that normal Trickmaster with x5 damage and LUT in effect, I got 12,000 Lux... and usually when the blue one appears I get around 60,000. ^_^

    Yeah, do let me know so that I can inform him to buy the ring. Is the number 15 okay? That's the largest available size, so if you want it, you're going to have to deal with it, haha...
    Mhm, good choice, they both have some good stats, well the SR Dark Riku card will most likely be defense related.
    When you get an HP'ed SR card, make sure it's a card you plan to use and keep.
    An HP'ed Aqua R+ is kinda useless to use skills on, if it was boosted then yea, but since it's not don't waste a skill on a card like that, Skills are very expensive to detach. ._.
    1) You should only use skills on HP'ed SR cards and R+ cards, but do not increase the level of them.

    2) It's explained in the guide, but leveling a skill doesn't rank it up, it increases it's % to activate, the Default skill has a 10% activation, each level it gets increases that by 2%, and at specific levels by 1%. like so Attack up II Lv.2
    I don't remember, but I guess... you go to the menu, select "Items" (アイテム), then find the AP Up. There should be a red button that says "Use" (使う) below it.

    How did you get that "bunch" of AP Ups? From Mog trade? I have only purchased one last month... should have joined way earlier since it's a monthly thing. T_T

    Oh, in addition... there are actually a number of fees that you will need to pay for the service. One of them is the commission fee that I told you about (900 JPY), and then there's bank transfer fee (200 JPY), domestic shipping fee (400+ JPY, because the item is Japan-exclusive and needs to go through him to reach you), and of course the shipping fee. In short, for your reference, you'll be needing 8,000 + 900 + 200 + at least 400 = at least 9,500 JPY + shipping fee for the ring.
    Alright! If you're okay with that, do inform me. Meanwhile I'm going to get in contact with that guy.

    The ones that are still empty in your list are Red Bandit and L444 Wizards. I suggest against doing the L444 Wizards, you'll kill yourself IRL if you do. XD I'd help you, but currently I have a problem with AP.

    Speaking of which, how much AP do you have outside the group?
    On the middle finger? Is it so that you can deliver a subliminal message of "f*** you" when you show it to people? XD

    My friend won't be able to do it, and on behalf of him, I'm sorry. That said, I think I do have someone else in Japan I can contact. Just tell me your ring size and I'll see if I can get him to buy it and have it shipped (FYR, the available sizes are 9, 11, 13, and 15). There will be a 900 JPY service fee incurred, though, because this guy is doing it for business.

    I am far from done with Guilt, but I'll see if I can help you with some. Probably the L55 WCS since I'll be doing the missions, and Nial has helped me max it out. I'm saving for Potions to be used against a L555 WCS though, since I really want that Repliku SR card. In the meantime, probably you can help me out with the L5 Choc Statues? It'd be greatly appreciated.
    Yes, around 80 USD. But hold on... didn't you say your size is 17? 15 is smaller than that, see, and it seems that it's the largest available size... on which finger are you planning to wear it?

    Edit: I am so terribly sorry, buddy. The shipping requires 3 to 5 days to arrive at the destination, and by then my friend will have flown. If you still want the ring, I'll try my best to contact someone else to ship it straight to you. How does it sound to you?
    Yeah... those are the ones I found as well. The sizes are different, you can tell from the numbers after the product name. The biggest one, #15, has a finger circumference of 55.5 mm (2.2 inches) and a diameter of 17 mm (0.7 inches).
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