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Recent content by kristi-swat

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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    how I think MoM game will work is that when you complete stages that have "play video" button we will get some cutscene and that's it.
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    I was thinking if Xehanort is a descendant of Player XD
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    News ► Official Twitter shares new screenshots of in-game battles and cutscenes for KH Dark Road!

    Ah yeah on that I agree. I wonder if it was also due to the engine change and better graphics that we see this change
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    News ► Official Twitter shares new screenshots of in-game battles and cutscenes for KH Dark Road!

    The way I see it is that in DDD when robbed guy approaches xehanort he was still young and same age as in kh3 and later Xehanort revisits the island again when he has yellow eyes
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road introduces new characters!

    also in pronunciation, in Scandinavian languages, the r is a rolling r :)
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Confession / The Missing Ark

    It's also possible that darkness is the one impersonating as Ava, knocks ventus out, kills Streli and gets the book to give to Ventus we are told that Ventus is given the book iirc. If he killed her in "darkness" form, he would wake up with book in hand
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    February 27th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    SE saw the videos on YT and used the same translations cause they know that theirs are not good enough :P
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    Risk-Taker & All Rounder Trophies

    yeah, if you do the story fully you get 165 or 175k points don't remember correctly so then you need just 200k during limit fights. very easy to do, I generally got 17.5k per boss
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    Risk-Taker & All Rounder Trophies

    It really was a horror show, for me at least. The arendelle boss was the worst to beat with all pro codes ON. And I did it on beginner but difficulty doesn’t really matter when all codes are ON. I got the trophy at Xion though. Didn’t need to fight MX and secret boss
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    Anything new from the KH Series Character Files book?

    Most of us still haven’t received the book due to no deliveries on the weekend. But there are some stories translated on twitter
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    Extent of the Book of Prophecies

    I have been wondering lately regarding the BoP and more specifically either about a contradiction in it or something that gives a more subtle clue. So we know that the last page of the book says about the war and the world ending, but when Ava hands Brain the book, she says to him that she put...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    I have an idea how emblem heartless works: it’s MoM following Xehanort from behind the scenes and using his Book of Prophecies
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    What are you hoping to learn?

    I agree that the line make sense only if he has travelled at least once, but we don’t know the extent of how far into the future. but until this eye color is clarified I think I’ll keep reserves and say that the one who talks with MoM is not the one of DDD and KH3