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Recent content by Krimsun Monkeh

  1. K


    ... Have elixirs and spam reflect. :-D
  2. K


    Err, I'd say... 25-30ish. :/ I can usually beat the game around 10 hours and then just completing all the little details would take up some more time. I'm just guesstimating so who knows. ._.
  3. K


    I suppose. Don't ask me. I just looked at gamefaqs. Though, I do like my chances better when buying from a Moogle Shop since you get 5 cards instead of just 1 in the Calm Bounty Room. :/
  4. K

    Need help for Final Mix

    Try using the Glide/Block method. Watch some youtube videos for guidance.
  5. K

    Best Sora Form

    ... Haters... We all know Anti-Form is the best...
  6. K

    Most Annoying Boss

    I never really liked the second Marluxia fight since you'd always have to jump up just to hit him. :/ Didn't finish Reverse Rebirth either so I don't know about Ansem.
  7. K


    The shops can be found anywhere. Just use a moogle card on a door and walk through.
  8. K


    If I remember correctly, you have to buy them from a Moogle Shop after you beat Reverse Rebirth.
  9. K


    Try putting 0's in your deck to break through his combo. I used Mega Flare with Mushu against him quite a bit so I guess you could try that. :/ If not, try looking on Gamefaqs for sleight combinations and such.
  10. K

    Is it just me or....

    I don't see it. EDIT:// Wait... I think I see the 'S'.
  11. K

    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Saix is actually one of the easier ones once you have his pattern down. I must say, the dragon pissed me off... Especially if you were on a low level. :/
  12. K


    You need to beat their Silh. before they appear in CoR.
  13. K

    Final Boss on Proud mode

    Hah, try doing it on level 1 with 60 HP and 6 Def.(Used Cheats). I still havn't been able to get past the Dragon thingie.
  14. K

    Luck up ability

    Luck up is correct. SE just changed some ability names when they made Kingdom Hearts II(English Edition). But does it really matter what the name is? We all know what he's talking about... As for why you don't have Luck up, I'm not quite sure. It's probably a glitch. You may have to restart...
  15. K

    Help Me!!!!! can't Understand Japanese

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