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  • Hey, just wanted to tell you you and Lissar have a new translation buddy; Key to Truth! I told him/her to go to you and/or Liss if he/she needs any help. I hope you don't mind.

    Sorry about all the messages. ;w;
    It turns out Key to Truth translated a basic summary of the interview I linked you to (here), but could you and Lissar check that nothing important has been missed out from the interview? Many thanks! <3
    Can you just...Tell me what your name is?
    If you love me, you will tell me what you're real name is.
    I've extracted the X and arranged them in as many patterns as I can think of(not really haha) so yeah :)
    Hey, FF Reunion posted a small article about the Re:coded trailer. Can you translate what it says?

    FF-Reunion Blog Archive KH?E3?????KH Re?Coded???????????????
    XD I took a road trip to amsterdamn last year.....I was with some of my friends and a guy walked up to me and asked if I wanted to by some magic mushrooms. (Keep in mind I had no idea what Magic Mushrooms were a year ago)
    So I said sure to atleast check them out, We go into his store and then he offers to sell Hash seeds and alot of other (wierd stuff).....So I say no because (A) I have no id and (b) I'm not a smoker....lol
    So a few hours later I'm completley lost in the "red light" district......OMG......That was weird.....And not fun at all.....Bleh.... So we wined up trying to just get a taxi back to the hostel rather then walkng.....And I wined getting yelled at by some dutch woman in some language for about 5 minutes..... It was a very random night....lol
    Thats so cool! lol While your there, you should go on a road trip to scotland! There is a place there called S.T. Andrews. Go there. It mainley for college kids but alot of celebretys go there.
    Your going to the UK?!?!?
    Thats awesome! I've been there too.
    Where are you going?
    Hey! Your on!! Thats rare! XD What's up?
    Hi long time no talk lol I have a really important question to ask and you might know the answer or know someone who can tell me.
    I was told That Disney ruined the NA version of the script for KH2. I think it's true...Do you know if it is or not? And do you think they will do the same with BBS. How bad did they ruin KH2? And what is Final Mix exactly?
    Yeah, lol. Well, the reason is that I'm currently formulating a samurai story set in the 18th century (been wanting to do a samurai story for a while, but just recently got an idea that I could really work with), and I'm trying to keep the setting as historically accurate as I possibly can (so proper names are a must).
    Hey, kind of an odd question, but would you happen to know (or be able to find) a list of popular given names (or popular Kanji used in given names, I suppose) used in 18th century Japan? I've been searching myself, but haven't had much luck (though, I may not be looking for it right).
    :) Well your work is still very muchly appreciated! :D So don't worry about how much you did, you're still doing a good job either way. <3
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