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  • Reviewers don't know shit. xD

    Hmm....I keep up with interviews so I couldn't tell. The story made sure to explain itself as it went though like establishing Sora was digital, that he became more than just data, etc.
    I've already played 2FM so I went the other way. xD
    The coded movie is the highlight though.
    If I have I don't remember it. I haven't played KH2 in many ages. Even with 2.5 I went straight to BBS and Coded. xD
    There's no way of knowing cause BBSV.2 isn't a thing. It's a want but it's not a thing yet. I could take stabs at it and try to place the scene but there's little point thanks the Xehanorts time travel mechanic as well as it possibly being post KH2 or during her brief stay there.
    It's best to just give up on the Volume 2 scenes. Even if it does come to pass there's no guarantee that scene will still be there.
    It was a bit of a "wise joke" as Nomura put it. Before Riku never gave DiZ his true name when asked despite they both knowing he knew it. If you remember when DiZ asks Riku calls himself "Ansem".
    Updates would honestly be all they need. The series has always been bad for droughts of info so it'd easily make fans happy. xD
    But when they run out of things to remake that'll run the risk of making them rush if they continue it.
    I think it's a heavily possible theory. Even the time travel part can be explained away as saying the original Xehanort made sure his will made it to his current self like say a book, the guardian, etc.
    I doubt it since the factions was of old. The main focus of KH3 isn't a war or factions but Xehanort trying to start a war. If a war or factions happen that basically means he wins.
    There was no elaboration on the Riku scene so I can't give it either. It's the same as codeds but it doesn't seem to really connect to anything other than showing us where Riku went in KH1 after leaving Hooks ship.
    Well BBS V2 was a cancelled thing so a number of scenes were likely ideas that was ditched. Things like Mickey though was during KH1. It was depicting Mickeys journey to find a dark realm keyblade. (aka kingdom key D)
    Aqua was during the 10yrs before KH1 cause she was witnessing worlds destroyed by darkness falling into the dark realm.
    Kairi at twilight town I imagine was to do with BBS Vol 2 and is now scrapped. You guessed the others right.
    It means something but since BBS v2 was dropped so there's no telling what the end meant. One theory was it was Xehanort trying to rewrite time but DDD has made it official Xehanort can't do that.
    Not sure. A final mix wouldn't hurt cause DDD could use a bit more clarification on some things.
    The sad part of it all though, I'll have to admit, is that Nomura definitely wanted that story. Though doesn't seem he's gonna get it. He was made to show a KH3 trailer and admitted he thought it was far to early for it.

    The PS2 lasted ages into the PS3 era so don't consider the PS3 dead for a years yet either. Though I'd rather all the KH be on PS4 as well. They'd have to rework the things that rely on touchpad which is likely harder than we think since the touchscreen of a 3dS is vastly different from a PS4's controller.
    I think DDDHD is possible but I'd rather have cutscenes myself. I found DDD tedious after two playthroughs and I dislike DEs and flowmotion.
    I'm against it in all ways. I'd much rather have a KH3 sooner than another game to stall and take away from it. Even more so now that we're getting collections and gathering the games together. Another game would ruin that as well by spreading it.

    There not endless the possibilities are limited to those things and there things that don't really need scenes cause we know what happens. Xehanort is Aporentice for a year or so and messes it all up, throws Kairi into space, etc.
    Those aren't unexplained thighs needing scenes or elaboration cause we already know.
    Dark Realm has a different flow of time and since Aquas not aged much or any then there's not much to really cover there.

    Plus it wasn't Nomura that closed the bbsv2 thing but higher ups. Even if he'd like doesn't mean he will or can. Most the games are ones he didn't even intend on.

    To me, anything of truly important info, can be included in KH3.
    It doesn't contradict yet cause we don't know what happened after Ansem lead Riku away. If he was taken through time then him being scared was the memories of the future being suppressed and him not knowing where he was.
    Of course if Nomura just drops that you could explain it as Roku ending up somewhere other than what the Robed Figure told him making him scared or confused.

    Personally have up on trying to figure out the eyes. The eyes are meant to be a hint but we already knew who Ansem, Xemnas and Apprentice was so no need for hints. That or Nomura didn't want to retcon Apprenticenorts brown eyes in kh2.
    You could also explain it as Nomuras way to distinguish Apprentice from Terranort since the only off between them is questionable amnesia.
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