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  • Hey, Kounelli! :D
    Yes, everything has been going fine, though exam week will be starting next week... :'D But I don't want to complain.
    Thank you for asking!

    How have you been doing? Surely hope everything's been going well. :)
    hey, kounelli! i posted a new chapter! :D thought i'd tell ya ^^

    How has your day been?
    Hey Kounelli! I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    I hope you're doing well! And thank you for the birthday wishes around October. xD
    Best of luck! :)

    Eh, kinda sorta just going through life, trying not to get too emotional, lol.
    There've been many downs this month, but I try to make the best out of it somehow, haha

    Thanks for asking. :D
    Hey, Kounelli!! :D

    I just wanted to make sure you know that I do not have anything against you at all. I feel like I sound kind of rude in the Kairi-Thread, sorry about that. ^-^
    Your welcome for the compliment! C: -hugs you- I also took a peek at the Hiro avatar you made after you recovered it. Looks great. <3 I love the color schemes around Hiro. <3
    That's really awesome your dad taught you stuff about computers growing up. And don't worry about it any. My laptop is more or less back to normal.

    Anyways, how're you? C:
    Your digital avatars and signatures are outstanding! I plan on commenting more on it in a little while, including pointing out my favorite ones you've done thus far. <3

    Oh and thanks for accepting the friend request! And for helping me out as much as you could with my laptop problems! :D
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